Digital copy of Exhibit 1: Letter to Witness 48 from Sue Doyle, Health and Social Services, Subject Access Request disclosure form of Witness 48 signed by Sue Doyle, and Children's Services client file of Witness 48. Includes annotations. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 48's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 27 December 2015 [C/D/AW1/B1/8/WS000406].

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1963 - September 20th 2011

Scope and Content

Relates to Witness 48's application to Health and Social Services to request a copy of his Children's Services Records. Includes copy of Witness 48's Children's Services client file. Contains case histories, application forms relating to admission into care, entries by Child Care Officers, correspondence, reports, memoranda, action sheets for child received into care, newspaper cuttings, case conferences, and States of Jersey Police reports. Refers to St Mark's School, Janvrin School, St Martin's School, Haut de la Garenne, Basil Lodge Hostel, Education Committee, Variety Club, Housing Department, General Hospital, St Saviour's Parish Hall, Westaway Creche, St Helier Boys School, and States of Jersey Police. Also refers to A B Carter, J H 'Jim' Thomson, Mrs Ford, Dr Milligan, Dr Williams, Mr Wimberley, Centenier Gallichan, PC Jeram, Reverend Manton, Mr Sherry, C A Smith, S Hutchinson, Dr J M Joshua, Maureen J Collins, J P Hollywood, J H Clarke, C W D Norris, Chief Inspector Cockerham, L Stephens, Mrs Browne, Mr Everson, Colin Tilbrook, E de Gruchy, Her Majesty's Attorney General Peter Leslie Crill, Mr Gough, A A Gough, S Ridley, Mr Robbins, A J Skinner, M McDaid, Mr McAlister, G Mansfield, Mr Fearn, R Davenport, J B Elliott, Mrs Mitchell, Centenier Billot, C E Quinn, J E Blackburn, Miss Powell, Advocate Le Marquand, Mrs Bowman, Dr Gower, Mr King, Mrs Armstrong, Police Constable Durban, Detective Inspector H Robinson, Detective Sergeant Quinn, Sergeant Medder, Detective Chief Inspector G Shutler, and Health Visitor Miss Flex.


Basil Lodge Hostel
Children's Services
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Housing Department
Janvrin School
Jersey General Hospital
St Martin's School
St Saviour's Parish Hall
St Helier Boys School
States of Jersey Police
Variety Club
Westaway Crèche
Armstrong, Mrs
Bowman, Mrs
Browne, Mrs
Billot, Centenier
Blackburn, J E
Carter, A B
Collins, Maureen J, Dr
Clarke, J H
Cockerham, Ted
Crill, Peter Leslie
de Gruchy, E
Davenport, Richard
Durban, Police Constable
Everson, Mr
Elliott, J B
Fearn, Mr
Flex, Miss
Ford, Mrs
Gallichan, Centenier
Gough, Mr
Gough, A A
Gower, Dr
Hutchinson, S
Hollywood, J P
Jeram, Police Constable
Joshua, J M, Dr
King, Mr
Le Marquand, Advocate
Milligan, Dr
Mitchell, Mrs
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
McDaid, M
Mansfield, G
McAlister, Mr
Medder, Sergeant
Norris, C W D
Powell, Miss
Quinn, C E, Detective Sergeant
Ridley, Sarah
Robbins, Mr
Robinson, Detective Inspector
Skinner, Anton
Sherry, Mr
Shutler, G, Detective Chief Inspector
Stephens, L
Smith, C A
Thomson, Jim
Tilbrook, Colin
Williams, Dr
Wimberley, Mr


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