Digital copy of Report for Magistrate's Court in the case of Attorney General v. Jane and Alan Maguire. Signed by Child Care Officer Linda MacLennan. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 76's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 12 August 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/14/WS000166].

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February 27th 1998 - March 5th 1998

Scope and Content

Report prepared by Children's Services for the Magistrate's Court by Linda MacLennan, a Child Care Officer with Health and Social Services Committee. Mentions interviews with individuals, mentioning a foster carer, consultation of Children's Services Client Files, and discussions with GP Dr Barbara Robertson. Details background of [Witness 76], naming parents, siblings and foster mother. Refers to occasional placement of Witness 76 and brothers in foster care due to mother's ill health, and transfer to Le Squez Family Group Home [Blanche Pierre] on 7 June 1986 in a move planned and agreed by [Witness 76]'s mother and Jane Maguire. Details care arrangements for [Witness 76] following retirement of Jane and Alan Maguire, mentioning care by foster carer and transfer to Heathfield Children's Centre, St Mark's Hostel, and Avalon Girls Hostel before moving into a flat with support from Children's Services. Comments on [Witness 76]'s relationship with mother, and effects on [Witness 76] of mother's death and abuse by Jane and Alan Maguire. Concludes that [Witness 76] was abused by Jane and Alan Maguire at Le Squez Family Group Home [Blanche Pierre], leaving [Witness 76] with long term emotional effects, mentioning poor self image, insecurity and depression, citing all as classic symptoms of abuse. For a copy of this Report with differing levels of redaction, see C/D/AW1/11/WD000796.


Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
States of Jersey Police
MacLennan, Linda
Magistrate's Court
Robertson, Barbara, Dr
St Mark's Hostel
Avalon Hostel
Heathfield Children's Centre
Health and Social Services Committee
Jersey General Hospital


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