Digital copy of Witness 81's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police in 2008 providing an account of her experiences during the time that she was at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. Signed in the presence of Detective Constable O'Grady. [Some details redacted].

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March 26th 2008 - March 26th 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Placed at Haut de la Garenne from birth due to mother being unable to look after her. Institutions Includes references to her time at Blanche Pierre [Le Squez Children's Home] and Haut de la Garenne. Placed at Haut de la Garenne from birth briefly before moving to Blanche Pierre. Includes descriptions of the property, day-to-day life, routines and staff mentioning Alan Maguire (housefather) and Jane Maguire (housemother). Also includes recollections of other children in residence at the time. Left Blanche Pierre aged 10 to live with [foster parents]. Discusses legality of care arrangement, mentioning possible lack of permission or official documentation provided by father. Includes description of property, routine and discipline of [foster parents]. Abuse and Consequences Describes suffering abuse from the age of 5 until she left the home aged 10. Recollection of one incident of sexual abuse by Alan Maguire in bedroom at Blanche Pierre upon being told of her mother's death in 1987. Descriptions of emotional abuse by Jane Maguire. Recollections of physical abuse by Alan Maguire, mentioning regular administration of punishment involving spoons, slippers and soap. Also includes descriptions of neglect, including being force fed by Alan Maguire. Describes not being allowed to attend her mother's funeral. Details of sexual abuse by a male occurring on a nightly basis whilst living with [foster parents] between the ages of 10 and 12. Events since leaving Care Refers to giving evidence to the States of Jersey Police in 1998 or 1999 in relation to physical and emotional abuse by Alan Maguire. Gives details of interview at the police station in the Royal Square during which she provided the Police with indecent photographs of her as a child taken by Alan Maguire in a park. Discusses events subsequent to making a complaint including reaction to being informed that the case against the Maguires was to be discontinued. Explains decision to again give evidence to the Police.


Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
O'Grady, Dave, Detective Constable
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Haut de la Garenne
States of Jersey Police


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