Digital copy of Exhibit 7: Bailhache Labesse notes from Lisa Kerruish relating to meetings concerning Jane and Alan Maguire and Le Squez Children's Home [Blanche Pierre Family Group Home]. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 76's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 12 August 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/14/WS000166].

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April 16th 1999 - April 16th 1999

Scope and Content

Relates to meetings regarding Jane and Alan Maguire and criminal proceedings against them. Refers to emotional and physical abuse by Jane and Alan Maguire and allegations of sexual abuse by Alan Maguire. Lists Children's Services employees and their responsibilities including Brenda Chapel, [Child Care Officer] Richard Davenport, Anton Skinner and Dave [Dallain]. Recallls residents at Blanche Pierre, employment at Blanche Pierre, and instruction by Jane and Alan Maguire not to comfort the children. Refers to manner in which Jane and Alan Maguire ran Blanche Pierre, and changes made after they left and were replaced by another foster parent, mentioning reports on children in their care and key workers. Refers to circumstances in which Jane and Alan Maguire became responsible for Blanche Pierre, mentioning accusations against Alan Maguire at his former place of work regarding improper acquisition of company funds. Recalls circumstances surrounding departure of Jane and Alan Maguire from Blanche Pierre, and Alan Maguire revealing to Anton Skinner that he had physically abused some of the children under his care. Refers to advice to States of Jersey Police by legal adviser Ian Christmas regarding potential criminal proceedings. Recounts conversation with Dorothy Ingles [Inglis] at Highlands College regarding the running of Blanche Pierre, and Dorothy Ingles' contact with Anton Skinner concerning the matter. Recounts relunctance to report concerns to Brenda Chappel due to Brenda Chappel [Chappell]'s friendship with Jane Maguire. Mentions Anton Skinner later providing documentation to Marnie Baudains and States of Jersey Police relating to allegations of child abuse against Jane and Alan Maguire. Refers to Child Care Officer Richard Davenport's knowledge of Jane and Alan Maguire's administration of Blanche Pierre. Comments on appearance in Magistrate's Court and testimony against Jane and Alan Maguire, and interview by Dylan Southern in relation to disciplinary proceedings. Details Lisa Kerruish's intentions to contact Dave Dallain, Richard Davenport, Dorothy Ingles, Anton Skinner and Brenda Chappel [Chappell].


Baudains, Marnie
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Bailhache Labesse
Chappell, Brenda
Children's Services
Davenport, Richard
Dallain, Dave
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Highlands College
Ingles, Dorothy
Kerruish, Lisa
Magistrate's Court
Maguire, Jane
Maguire, Alan
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
Skinner, Anton
Southern, Dylan
Vautier, Pauline
Christmas, Ian


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