Digital copy of Exhibit 10: Internal Enquiry and report into allegations made against Mrs Jane Maguire, formally House Parent at the Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. Report from Dylan A Southern, Manager of Mental Health Services, to Graham Jennings, Chief Executive. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 76. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 76's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 12 August 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/14/WS000166].

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February 23rd 1999 - February 23rd 1999

Scope and Content

Contains summary of findings relating to Jane Maguire's employment by Children's Services, mentioning contract at Haut de la Garenne, appointment as House Mother at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. Comments on Alan Maguire's acceptance of role as House Father at Blanche Pierre without salary. Reflects on circumstances under which children would be placed at Blanche Pierre. Relates to the role of Jane Maguire at Blanche Pierre, detailing her training, experience and skills in caring for children, and the needs of the children under her care. Details Jane and Alan Maguire's appointment to Blanche Pierre in March 1980, and Jane Maguire's reflections in 1999 regarding her experiences caring for the children under her care during her ten years at Blanche Pierre. Refers to Jane Maguire's "retirement" from Blanche Pierre in 1990, and Jane Maguire's opinion the retirement was due to a change in child care policy at Children's Services. Refers to personal histories of children at Blanche Pierre under the care of Jane and Alan Maguire, and requests from Jane Maguire for Dylan Southern to interview former residents of Blanche Pierre. Details allegations of emotional and physical abuse at Blanche Pierre being made to Child Care Officer Dorothy Ingles by care staff employed at Blanche Pierre. Refers to report by Dorothy Ingles [Inglis] regarding the allegations to Children's Officer [Anton] Skinner, and [Anton] Skinner's meeting with the care staff alleging to have witnessed abuse towards children at Blanche Pierre. Refers to [Anton] Skinner's interviews with Jane and Alan Maguire dated 30 April 1990, in which Jane and Alan Maguire admitted emotional and physical abuse of children in their care, disputing the degree and maintainign they would discipline their children in the same manner. Describes further interview with Jane Maguire, and her inability to recall the interviews mentioned above. Refers to interview between Dylan Southern and Jane Maguire dated 29 January 1999 concerning allegations of physical abuse, and Jane Maguire's denial of using physical abuse as a form of punishment. Refers to contradicting evidence to Jane Maguire's statement, citing [Blanche Pierre] diary notes, Jane and Alan Maguire's admission to [Anton] Skinner, reports by care staff to [Anton Skinner] regarding abuse, and statements given to States of Jersey Police by children formally under Jane and Alan Maguire's care. Comments on events following Jane Maguire's departure from Blanche Pierre, described as "retirement". Addresses States of Jersey Police investigation into emotional, physical and sexual abuse by Jane and Alan Maguire at Blanche Pierre. Concludes that there is evidence showing Jane Maguire, whilst employed as Housemother at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home, committed emotional and phyiscal abuse towards children in her care. Recommends Jane Maguire's dismissal from employ of Health and Social Services Committee.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Health and Social Services Committee
Highlands College
Ingles, Dorothy
Inglis, Dorothy
Jennings, Graham
Maguire, Jane
Maguire, Alan
Skinner, Anton
Southern, Dylan
States of Jersey Police


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