Digital copy of notes concerning a child admitted into care on 8 May 1986 [presumed to be Witness 76]. Signed by Key Worker. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 76's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 12 August 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/14/WS000166].

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May 15th 1991 - May 15th 1991

Scope and Content

Describes [Witness 76]'s general health and disposition. Mentions bedwetting, care of bedroom, and behaviour at mealtimes. Describes [Witness 76]'s education and participation in sports activities. Comments on Witness 76's anticipation ahead of starting her secondary education at La Rocquier School. Describes [Witness 76's bed time routine], behaviour with friends, and relationship with biological family. Comments on [Witness 76]'s grief at mother's death, and attempts to help her through the grieving process. Refers to visits by [Witness 76's older sister] and others, and general atmosphere within Blanche Pierre. Describes [Witness 76's] relationship with Blanche Pierre staff, and her difficulties in verbalising her emotions. Refers to [Witness 76's] outings with [Child Care Officer] [Richard] Davenport, mentioning visits together to [Witness 76's] maternal grandmother. Details recommendations for Witness 76's future care, mentioning the possibility of placement with a foster family. For a copy of these notes with differing levels of redaction see C/D/AW1/A1/11/WD000652.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Le Rocquier School
Davenport, Richard


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