Digital copy of Exhibit [1]: Social Services Records relating to [Witness 176]. Supplied by Lacey Advocates as part of Historic Abuse Redress Scheme Documentation. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 176. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 176's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 28 November 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/17/WS000434].

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1967 - August 13th 1986

Scope and Content

Contains appointment cards, action sheets for child discharged from care, admission forms, correspondence, character references, case histories, entries by Child Care Officers relating to Witness 176, Certificates of Secondary Education, final reports, leaflets, letters, lists, memoranda, medical records, newspaper cuttings, personal summaries, reviews, report of visits, reports for Haut de la Garenne, school reports, and six monthly reviews of child[ren] in care. Mentions Brig-y-don Children's Home, Children's Services, Children's Office, D'Hautrée School, Dunluce Group, Education Committee, Education Department, Fort Regent, Haut de la Garenne, Highlands College, Jersey General Hospital, John Lobb Memorial Trust, Juvenile Court, La Moye School, Les Chenes, States of Jersey Police, Social Services Committee, St Malo, Mont St Michel, Royal Court, St Saviour's School, St Brelade's Church, St Helier Boys School, and States of Jersey Fire Service. Mentions Centeniers: Bullock and Runacres; Child Care Officers: D J Castledine, H Coomer, Richard Davenport, and S P Williams; Children's Officers: C A Smith, and T W Strettle; Doctors: Faiz, J P Fogarty, J Miller, and Taylor; Haut de la Garenne Superintendent Jim Thomson; Police Constables: Cochran, P E Cockerham, Falle, Gay, D C Killmister, Mitchell, and Richard James Taylor; Senior Child Care Officers: Brenda Chapel [Brenda Chappell], [Anton J] Skinner; and Sergeant Simpson. Also mentions C R Bacon, J H Cabot, Mrs Campbell, F H Carter, S H Clarke, Mel Davison, J de Faye, D Gallichan, Sheila Glatman, Phil Le Bail, A McDonald, T P Garrett, Mr Gough, G Gulliver, Jennifer J Haley, P Harris, Mr Holley, R Hurley, Miss Johnstone, Ray Kitchen, Reverend A R H Macleod, Mr Messervy, M Poingdestre, Mr K Purvis, Mr Rabet, P Ready, John Rodhouse, H P Syvret, J Twinam, Mr Wilde, and Alan Williams. Includes references to behaviour, boarding-out, cannabis, centeniers, Christmas, clothing, consultant psychiatrists, counselling, deputy headteachers, divorce, drugs, educational psychologists, employment, fires, fostering, grandparents, health, headteachers, holidays, hospitilisation, larceny, marriages, neighbours, parental contributions, parents, probation, social workers, teachers, theft, town hall enquiries, vaccinations, and witness statements.


Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Children's Services
Children's Office
D'Hautree School
Education Committee
Education Department
Fort Regent
Haut de la Garenne
Historic Child Abuse Inquiry
Highlands College
Jersey General Hospital
John Lobb Memorial Trust
Juvenile Court
Lacey Advocates
La Moye School
Royal Court
Social Services
Social Services Committee
States of Jersey Police
St Saviour's School
St Brelade's Church
St Helier Boys School
States of Jersey Fire Service
Bacon, Christopher R
Bullock, Centenier
Cabot, J H
Campbell, Mrs
Chappell, Brenda
Carter, F H
Castledine, D J
Clarke, S H
Cochrane, Police Constable
Cockerham, P E
Coomer, H
Davenport, Richard
Davison, Mel
de Faye, J
Faiz, Farouq Ghulam, Dr
Falle, Police Constable
Fogarty, J P, Dr
Gay, Police Constable
Gallichan, D
Garrett, T P
Glatman, Sheila
Gough, Mr
Gulliver, G
Haley, Jennifer J
Harris, P
Holley, Mr
Hurley, R
Johnstone, Miss
Killmister, D C
Kitchen, Ray
Le Bail, Philippe
Macleod, A R H, Reverend
McDonald, A
Messervy, Mr
Miller, J, Dr
Mitchell, Police Constable
Poingdestre, M
Purvis, K
Rabet, Mr
Ready, P
Rodhouse, John
Runacres, Centenier
Smith, C A
Strettle, T W
Skinner, Anton
Simpson, Sergeant
Syvret, H P
Taylor, Dr
Taylor, Richard James
Thomson, Jim
Twinam, J
Wilde, Mr
Williams, Alan
Williams, S P


Brig-y-Don Children's Convalescent Home | D'Hautree School | Fort Regent | Haut de la Garenne | Highlands College | Jersey General Hospital | La Moye School | Les Chênes, Five Oaks | Mont St Michel | Police Station | Royal Court | St Brelade's Church | St Helier Boys School | St Malo | St Saviour's School | advocates | admissions | behaviour | boarding-out | cannabis | case reviews | centeniers | Christmas | clothes | consultants | counselling | children's homes | children's services | Children's Officers | Child Care Officers | Children | childcare | Correspondence | drugs | deputy headteachers | divorce | Education | educational psychologists | employment | Fires | fostering | families | friends | finances | fathers | forms | grandparents | health | headteachers | Holidays | Hospitals | institutions | reviews | larceny | leaflets | Letters | marriages | memoranda | mothers | neighbours | Newspaper cuttings | parents | parish hall enquiries | probation | Police | police officers | qualifications | residential homes | residents | redress schemes | reports | Schools | school reports | staff | social services | Sports | social workers | summaries | teachers | theft | town halls | vaccinations | visits | witness statements


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