Digital copy of Application Form and Supporting Documentation of an individual relating to the Historic Abuse Redress Scheme Application Form. Provided by Lacey Advocates. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Darren Picot's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 6 October 2014 [C/D/AW1/B2/3/WS000097].

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July 16th 2012 - August 6th 2012

Scope and Content

Names claimant and claimant's representative Tracey Emmott, Emmett Snell Solicitors. Provides details of Darren Picot's time in residential care under the States of Jersey, naming Haut de la Garenne, Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home], Heathfield [Children's Centre], and Les Chênes Residential School. Lists other children under the care of the States of Jersey known to the individual. Lists emotional, physical and sexual abuse as having taken place, naming Alan Maguire, Jane Maguire, a member of Heathfield staff, and a member of Les Chênes staff. Refers to criminal proceedings and statements to States of Jersey Police dated 6 August 1997, 16 July 2008, and 14 April 2008. Contains form declaring Authority for access to Medical Practitioner Records. Contains witness statement in support of application to Historic Abuse Compensation Scheme detailing time in care under States of Jersey. Describes residency at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to transfer to Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home] under Alan and Jane Maguire, and describes living in constant fear whilst at Blanche Pierre, citing regular emotional and physical abuse. Refers to education at Le Rocquier School, and mother's death in 1986. Recalls transfer from Blanche Pierre to another institution, and then to Heathfield [Children's Centre]. Refers to attempts of sexual abuse by a member of Heathfield staff, and absconding from Heathfield regularly as a result. Recalls transfer at age of 14 to Les Chênes Residential School, detailing instances of physical abuse and behaviour of specific members of staff. Refers to return to Heathfield at age of 16, and feelings of abandonment by Children's Services. Recounts homelessness, and dependency on alcohol due to emotional consequences of abuse. Recalls providing a statement to States of Jersey Police regarding allegations of child cruelty by Jane and Alan Maguire, and the subsequent unsuccessful prosecution. Refers to leaving Jersey after being bought a ticket to England by a social worker from Children's Services. Recounts arriving in England in 1994, eventually beginning a relationship and fathering a son. Refers to current unemployment, and difficulties regarding dependency on alcohol and ability to sleep. Contains copy of witness statement dated 14 April 2008 given in the presence of Detective Constable 285 Sztyber-Omer and Detective Constable 8055 Barclay relates to previous witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 6 August 1997. Refers to the individual's treatment by [Jane and Alan] Maguire in relation to his mother's death, and his move to Jersey General Hospital. Refers to emotional and physical abuse by [Jane and Alan] Maguire. Comments on own appearance in Panorama regarding abuse by [Jane and Alan] Maguire, and [Jane and Alan] Maguire's photograph in the News of the World newspaper. Refers to wish to make a formal complaint regarding abuse by [Jane and Alan] Maguire, mentioning willingness to assist States of Jersey Police in their enquiries and to attend court if required, as long as emotional support is provided. Contains copy of witness statement dated 6 August 1997 relates to circumstances surrounding the individual's admission to Haut de la Garenne at age of two, mentioning mother's alcoholism and father's inability to cope. Refers to transfer to Blanche Pierre Foster Home [Family Group Home] at age of four, under House Parents Jane and Alan Maguire. Refers to regular emotional and physical abuse by Jane and Alan Maguire, mentioning being hit with a wooden spoon, being force fed custard, and having mouth washed out with soap or Dettol. Comments on transfer to Heathfield [Children's Centre]. Comments on education at Le Squez Primary School. Refers to instances where Alan Maguire kept his true whereabouts from Jane Maguire in the evenings. Refers to consequences of treatment by Jane and Alan Maguire, mentioning separation from family, absconding from Heathfield [Children's Centre], and transfer to Les Chênes Residential School. Expresses desire for case against Jane and Alan Maguire to reach Court, and gives permission for States of Jersey Police to access his medical records. Refers to blue TSB books kept in a filing cabinet near the front door of Blanche Pierre Family Group Home, and asking [Child Care Officer] Richard Davenport to find the book for him, as the book should contain the pocket money Jane Maguire should have put in an account for him from Children's Services. Refers to other staff at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home not usually being present when emotional and physical abuse occurred. Contains copy of witness statement dated 16 July 2008 given in the presence of Valerie J Davidson relates to previous witness statements to States of Jersey Police dated 6 August 1997 and 14 April 2008, and contact with Police Officers dated 15 April 2008. Refers to sharing bedroom at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home, and instances where Alan Maguire would keep his true whereabouts from Jane Maguire in the evenings. Recalls other residents at Blanche Pierre, and others met whilst at Blanche Pierre, mentioning a family with which the Maguires and the children at Blanche Pierre would holiday with in France. Refers to previous residency at Haut de la Garenne, mentioning memories of beds in a dormitory, a large dining hall, and another resident. Comments on transfer to Heathfield [Children's Centre] at age of 11 in 1987 until age of 14, describing the change as very scary. Recalls age of other residents, and lack of physical abuse compared to Blanche Pierre. Recalls positive and negative experiences with staff at Heathfield, mentioning attempted sexual abuse by one member of staff. Describes not telling others about the attempts at sexual abuse due to fear he might be moved somewhere where he would be physically abused again. Mentions another Heathfield resident confiding in him about abuse. Refers to an individual involved with Heathfield who bought him a mountain bike for his birthday. Describes physical abuse at Les Chênes Residential School, mentioning [members of staff]. Comments on lack of contact with family, and treatment by Children's Services, mentioning unsympathetic conversation with [Anton] Skinner's second in command and the offer to a [boat] ticket [to England]. Comments on appearance on Panorama and contact and contract with News of the World newspaper. Refers to offer of counselling by Valerie Davidson.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Emmott Snell Solicitors
Health and Social Services
Heathfield Children's Centre
Haut de la Garenne
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Jersey General Hospital
Lacey Advocates
Les Chênes Residential School
Le Squez School
Le Rocquier School
Lloyds TSB
Mourant Ozannes
News of the World
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
Panorama (Television programme)
Barclay, Gina, Detective Constable
Davidson, Valerie
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Skinner, Anton
Sztyber-Omer, Guillaume, Detective Constable


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