Digital copy of an Assessment Report produced by the Assessment Centre in respect of Witness 171. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 171. For Witness 171's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police dated 13 March 2008 and 15 March 2009 respectively, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/15/WS000133 and C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/15/WS000134.

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February 4th 1975 - February 4th 1975

Scope and Content

Reason for referral Cites mother's inability to cope and alcoholism as reason for Witness 171 being made subject of a care order. Refers to behavioural problems exhibited by Witness 171 from the age of 11, involvement of the police and Juvenile Court appearances for theft and knowledge of a stolen conveyance, Witness 171 being made subject of a Community Home Order and admission to the Assessment Centre. Home circumstances Describes Witness 171 as the eldest child of his parents' marriage, and includes comments about his father and mother. Notes lack of contact by father and his violence towards Witness 171's mother, and mother's homelessness and admission to Elizabeth House, inability to care for her children, irregular contact with her children and her alcoholism, noting treatment at St Saviour's Hospital and an alcoholic hostel in England. Includes comments on family relationships and attitudes, noting breakdown in Witness 171's parents' marriage and upheaval during Witness 171's upbringing. Notes affection shown by Witness 171 and his siblings towards their mother despite irregular contact, and comments by Witness 171 regarding lack of contact with father. Refers to comments by Witness 171 about his relationship with his brother, as well as his interests with respect to sport and hobbies. Pen picture Includes description of Witness 171's physical appearance, intelligence, behaviour, personality and ability. Includes comments about Witness 171's relationship with members of staff. Medical aspects Notes Witness 171 having a visual defect in need of correction and being in need of dental treatment. Personal history Includes summary of key developments during each year of Witness 171's life from birth up until 13 years old. Includes: breakdown of parents' marriage; domestic abuse by father; alcoholism of mother and her admission to Elizabeth House; Witness 171's temporary placement with an aunt; admission to Westaway Crèche; arrest of mother and placement of Witness 171 and his siblings into Haut de la Garenne; commencement at St Martin's School; Witness 171 and his siblings being made subject to a Care and Protection Order; deterioration of behaviour at school and at Haut de la Garenne; transfer to Norcott Villa Family Group Home; improvements in behaviour and loss of contact with mother; hostility towards new foster parents; commencement at St Helier Boys' School; parish hall enquiry appearance and breakdown in behaviour; return to Haut de la Garenne following deterioration of situation at Norcott Villa; staff changes at Haut de la Garenne; mother's admission to alcoholic hostel in England and St Saviour's Hospital for her alcoholism; appearance in the Juvenile Court for theft; involvement in a number of incidents at Haut de la Garenne following staff changes including that of Superintendent and Matron; referral to a psychiatrist for assessment; placement with a foster mother before return to Haut de la Garenne; psychiatric report of Witness 171 by Dr Dalfun Lewis; withdrawal from St Helier Boys' School to be taught at Haut de la Garenne; appearance in Juvenile Court for knowingly being carried in a stolen vehicle and being made subject of a Community Home Order; overview of reports by the Superintendent of Haut de la Garenne, school report and Lewis's report to the Court regarding Witness 171's behaviour, personality and emotional wellbeing; and admission to the Assessment Centre. Psychological assessment Includes assessments of Witness 171's intelligence level and disposition and attitudes. Refers to Witness 171's behaviour, progress and ability at school and relationships with family members. Psychiatrist's observations Includes report of Dr Lumsden-Walker following an interview with Witness 171, commenting on remarks made by Dr Lewis in his assessment of Witness 171 in respect of his disruptive behaviour. Makes recommendations regarding care arrangements for Witness 171, suggesting need for a structured environment and offering psychiatric advice and consultation to relevant staff. Educational aspects Includes school history, mentioning attendance at St Helier Boys' School, ability and behaviour at school. Includes overview of Witness 171's verbal ability, including results of reading and vocabulary tests, as well as Witness 171's computational ability. Summary and interpretation Comments on impact of long-standing maternal and material deprivation on Witness 171's personality, psyche and ability to form and maintain relationships. Comments on suitability of placing Witness 171 in a Family Group Home, suggesting instead he be placed in a small therapeutic community. Recommandations Includes six recommendations in respect of meeting needs of Witness 171 on a long-term basis.


Lewis, Delfun, Dr
Lumsden-Walker, William, Dr
Thomson, Jim
Assessment Centre
Children's Department
Children's Office
Children's Services
Elizabeth House
Haut de la Garenne
Juvenile Court
Norcott Villa Family Group Home
Royal Court
St Helier Boys' School
St Martin's School
St Saviour's Hospital
Westaway Crèche


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