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Aerial photographs1992, scale 1:10000. RUN 6 covering Fort Henry, Royal Jersey Golf Course, Grouville Bay, La Rue a Don, La Grande Route des Sablons, Les Marais, La Croix, Queen's Valley Reservoir, Le Boulivot, Grouville Church, Grouville Arsenal, La Grande Route de St Clement, Rue de Grouville, Le Catillon, Radier Manor, Val Poucin, Longueville, Rue des Pre Trading Estate, Longueville Manor, Longueville Road, Bagatelle Road, Five Oaks, Georgetown, Dicq, St Clement's Golf Course, Jersey Recreation Grounds, Samarès Manor, FB Fields, La Greve d'Azette, Grande Charrière Slip, Havre des Pas, Howard Davis Park, St Luke's Church, St Saviour's Road, Victoria College, Highlands College, Hautlieu School, De La Salle College, Beaulieu Convent, Springfield, St Saviour's Hill, Le Geyt, Val Plaisant, Fort Regent, Green Street Cemetery, St Helier Harbour, St Helier Town Centre, St Helier Church (Town Church), Esplanade, Weighbridge, General Hospital, Parade Gardens, People's Park, Westmount, West Park, Victoria Avenue, St Aubin's Road, First Tower, Elizabeth Castle, La Haule Slip, La Route de la Haule, Le Mont au Roux (La Haule Hill), St Aubin, St Aubin's Harbour, St Aubin's Fort, Belcroute Bay, Le Mont Les Vaux, Rue des Genets, La Route de Noirmont, Noirmont Manor, Ouaisné Bay, Ouaisné Common, Portelet Common, La Cotte de St Brelade, Le Grouin Point, Le Val, Mont Sohier, St Brelade's Bay, St Brelade's Church, Bouilly Port, Red Houses, La Route des Quennevais, Route Orange, Beauport, Fiquet Bay, Les Creux, La Moye, Railway Walk, Les Quennevais Sports Centre, Les Quennevais School, La Moye Golf Course, La Moye School, La Moye Prison, La Rosière, La Route du Petit Port, La Rue de la Corbière, Corbière Lighthouse, La Pulente, Petit Port, St Ouen's Bay, La Route de la Pulente, La Carrière. Slides 3579 and 3589 are missing from the run. For copies of higher quality images please contact the Archive with relevant slide numbers. Refer to D/W/E3/5/A for key map to runs 5 - 9

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July 30th 1992 - July 30th 1992


Grouville Church
Grouville Arsenal
Radier Manor
Rue de Pre Trading Estate
Longueville Manor
Jersey Recreation Grounds
Samares Manor
FB Fields
Howard Davis Park
St Luke's Church
Victoria College
Highlands College
Hautlieu School
De La Salle College
Beaulieu Convent
Fort Regent
Green Street Cemetery
St Helier Harbour
St Helier Church
Jersey General Hospital
Elizabeth Castle
St Aubin's Harbour
St Aubin's Fort
Noirmont Manor
St Brelade's Church
Les Quennevais Sports Centre
Les Quennevais School
La Moye School
La Moye Prison
Corbière Lighthouse


Photographs | aerial photographs | Fort Henry | Royal Jersey Golf Course | Grouville Bay | La Rue à Don | La Grande Route des Sablons | Les Marais | La Croix | Queen's Valley Reservoir | Le Boulivot | Grouville Church | Grouville Arsenal | La Grande Route de St Clement | Rue de Grouville | Le Catillon | Radier Manor | Val Poucin, Grouville | Longueville | Rue des Prés Trading Estate | Longueville Manor | Longueville Road | Longueville Road | Bagatelle Road | Five Oaks | Georgetown | Dicq | St Clement's Golf Course | Jersey Recreation Grounds | Samarès Manor | F B Fields | La Greve d'Azette | Grande Charriere Slipway, St Clement | Havres des Pas | Howard Davis Park | St Luke's Church | St Saviour's Road | Victoria College | Highlands College | Hautlieu School | De La Salle College | Beaulieu Convent School | Springfield | St Saviour's Hill | Le Geyt | Val Plaisant | Fort Regent | Green Street Cemetery | St Helier Harbour | St Helier Town | St Helier Church | Esplanade | Weighbridge | General Hospital | Parade Gardens | People's Park | Westmount | West Park | Victoria Avenue | St Aubin's Road | First Tower | Elizabeth Castle | La Haule Slipway | La Route de la Haule | Le Mont au Roux | St Aubin | St Aubin's Harbour | St Aubin's Fort | Belcroute Bay | Le Mont les Vaux | Rue des Genets | La Route de Noirmont | Noirmont | Noirmont Manor | Ouaisné Bay | Ouaisne Common | Portelet Common | La Cotte de St Brelade | Le Gouin Point | Le Val | Mont Sohier | St Brelade's Bay | St Brelade's Church | Bouilly Port | Red Houses | La Route des Quennevais | Route Orange | Beauport | Fiquet Bay | Les Creux | La Moye | Railway Walk | Les Quennevais Sports Centre | Les Quennevais School | La Moye Golf Course | La Moye School | La Moye Prison | La Rosiere | La Route du Petit Port, St Brelade | La Rue de la Corbiere | Corbière Lighthouse | La Pulente | Petit Port | St Ouen's Bay | La Route de la Pulente | La Carriere


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