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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 6th of May 1919

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May 6th 1919 - May 6th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Handford, Albert Henry
British Expeditionary Force
Hamling, Elizabeth Mary
Hazard, Herbert Ernest
Baron de Heiman, Charles
Heiman, Helene Suzanne
Helen, Norris
Henley, William George
Hill, Albert
Hoare, Guy Sydenham
Jacklin, Alfred John
Jarnet, Raymond Charles
Jenne, Percy Alexandre
Job, Emma Harriet
Job, Thomas
Jones, Sarah Anne
Jope, Frank
Journeaux, Arthur Huelin
Kelly, Catherine Theresa
Kennedy, Eleanor
Kennedy, Joseph Charles
Kennedy, Matilda Mary
Kilgour, Douglas
Lancaster, Alexander Henry
Langlois, Eliza
Larbalestier, Alfred
Larbalestier, Owen Peter
Laurens, Eunice
Leslie, George
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Thomas
Le Lievre, Thomas Albert
Lindley, George
Lloyd, Reginald Tench
MacPherson, Bruce
Manyan, Thomas Frank
Marguerie, Lyndon De Lecq
Matthews, Bertram Burrows
McBride, Teresa
McHugh, Thomas William
McIntosh, Violet Annie
McIver, Mr
Mellish, Hannibal Duniere
Le Monnier, Louis Charles
Moody, Richard Stanley Hawks
Moor, Gladys
Moor, Joseph
Moyle, Edward Erwin
Nelson, Arthur Hodgson, Commander
Nelson, James Henry
Nettleton, John
Nettleton, Norah E
Nicholson, Leonard Hugh
North, Thomas Filmer
Oldridge, Eli Thomas
Oxenden, Maud Alice
Patch, James Walter
Perkins, Arthur
Perrin, Winnifred
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, Jane
Picot, Walter Philip
Platt, William James
Plummer, Lydia
Porter, John Henry
Pujent, Henri
Purdell-Lewis, Guy
Royal Navy
Rambaut, William Thomas Romney
Rankin, Arthur Albert
Read, Joseph Fred
Reed, Robert James
Renouf, John
Luke, Donald Rochfort
Luke, Edith Jane Rochfort
Romeril family
Rouch, Charles William
Sarre, Lydia
Sarre, Thomas Bisson
Scott, Eve Rose
Le Seelleur, Eva
Spalding, James
Sullivan, Edward
Sweeting, Eugenie Catherine
Taylor, Vera Madeleine
Thatcher, Jane Ann
Thatcher, John Charles
Tinch, Herbert
Tomson, Frances Helen
Townsend, Ellen M
Tyrrell, Charles Thomas
Vardon, Emily
Vaudin, Frederick
Vaudin, Martyn
Vautier, Ada Jane
Vivian, Reginald Keir
Walker, Robin Edgar
Webb, Mary Ann
Whitehead, Cecil Percy
Williams, Charles J F
Wills, Annie
Worrall, Anabel de Carteret
Young, William


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