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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 11th of May 1919

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May 11th 1919 - May 11th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Lancaster, Richard John
Lenagham, Agnes
Lenagham, Harold Alexander
Royal Marines
Leslie, Elsie Florence
Long, Dorothy Gladys
Long, Emma
Long, Jean Adie
Long, Wilfrid
Royal Navy
HMS Tiger
Luce, Philip John
Lumsden, Thomas Best Gilson
Macartney, Catherina Theodora
Macartney, George, Sir
Malet de Carteret, Amy
Malet de Carteret, Guy
Markey, Josephine
Marks, Abraham
Marks, Harry
May, Dorothy
McLeod, Helena May
McLeod, Henry
McSweeney, Nora
Medder, Annie Louisa
Medder, Willie
Messervy, Charles de Faye
HMS Resolution
Mills, Lydia Sarah
Le Mistre, Henry
Misson, Albert Bertram
Oldham, Mr
Usher, Edwin
Parker, Susan
Parker, Eli
Patten, Mary
Pellier, Charles de Chanval
Pellier, Leonore Mary de Chanval
Pellier, Winifred Elizabeth Harris
Perks, Alfred
de La Perrelle, Marguerite
Perrin, Peter
Phelps, Gilbert Christopher
Poingdestre, Percy William
Pomeroy, William
Prevel, Gertrude Alice Dawson
Prevel, John Francis
Priaulx, William Arthur
Pritchard, Margaret Cecil
Ratel, Philip
Renouf, Ruby Dora
Rhind, Elizabeth Noble Paul
Riding, Albert James
Rouley, Thomas
Le Roux, Magdalene
Le Roux, Philip
Russell, Charles Owen
Russell, Kenneth William
Saunders, Marie Hue
Scriven, Reginald French Luckett
Le Seelleur, John Phillip
Le Seelleur, Leonard John
Shackell, Ada Melvena
Smeeth, John Auger
Spurrier, Alice Mary
Stevenson, Herbert Allan
Indian Army
Stevenson, James William
Stone, Herbert
Swindel, Arthur Raymond
Tostevin, A
Touzel, Maurice Helier
Tucker, Harry
Turmail, Albert Joseph
Varney, Francis Ernest
Vautier, Alfred J D
Vautier, Berthé
Voce, Robert Frederick
Wapshire, William
Whally, Richard Todd
Wicks, William
Wilcox, William George
Wilkins, William
Wilkinson, Francis Stephen
Williams, Charles
Wimble, Herbert Charles
Wort, Dallas Kathleen


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