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St Lawrence School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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November 2nd 1903 - October 17th 1932


St Lawrence School
Ahier, Mr
Ahier, F J
Arnold, Mr
Audrain, P
Avery, G E
Avery, Mrs
Avery, Mr
Baal, Mr
Balleine, Reverend
Balleine, Mrs
Balleine, A O
Balleine, F
Balleine, Mr
Balleine, F E
Barnard, Dr
Barnet, Eileen
Barnett, Eileen
Bartlett, Miss
Bartlett, Maria
Bartlett, Maria Miller
Bartlett, M Miller
Bartlett, M M
Barwell, Henry
Baudains, Lilian
Baudains, J W
Baudains, Mrs
Baudains, Hazel
Beaugeard, Donald
Beaugeard, D
Beaugeard, Bernard
Berteau, Mr
Beuzeval, Philip
Bevington, Freda
Bigwood, Messrs
Billot, Centenier
Bisson, Francis
Bisson, Leonard
Blampied, Dennis
Blampied, Edna
Bouette, Alice
Brehaut, Mr
Brehaut, Mrs
Brockman, Doris
Burt, R
Bush, Mr
Bush, S
Buswell, Rev
Butel, Rita
Caro, Harriet
Carre, Elsie
Carré, Henry
Cauric, Raymond
Ceppi, Marc
Ceppi, Monsieur
Cherrill, A H
Coles, Esmi
Collas, E
Collas, Mrs
Collas, Francis
Collas, Elsie
Collas, Hedley
Cook, Major
Cooke, Major
Cooke, F E V
Corbel, C G
Corbel, Mr
Corson, Edouard
Cotillard, Alexandre
Cotillard, Madeleine
Cotillard, Blanche
Cotillard, Raymond
Coutanche, F
Coutanche, Miss
Coutanche, Phillis
Coutanche, Joan
Coutanche, Ena
Coutanche, Philip Bichard
Coutanche, A M
Cross, Elsie
Dagorne, Stanley
Dagorne, Francis
Danby, J W
d'Authreau, Mr
Davey, John
Davis, T B F
de Gruchy, Reverend
de Gruchy, Myrtle
de la Haye, Mr
de la Haye, Lily
de la Haye, Nelson
de la Haye, Lily Margaret
Derrien, Alice
du Feu, Doris
Duchemin, Florence
Dupré, James
Dupre, Philip
Dupre, Sidney
Dupre, Arthur
Durham, May
Durham, Miss
Durham, Kathleen
Dutot, E
Dutot, Norman
Dyson, Mr
Edwards, Doctor
Emmanuel, Jean
Emmanuel, Mr
Falle, Dean of Jersey
Falle, Mrs
Filleul, Irene Violet
Filleul, Miss
Fisher, H A L
Fontaine, George
Foote, Mr
Fozzard, Miss
Fraser, Miss
Fraser, J W
Furzer, Dorothy
Garignon, Marie
Gautier, Celia
Gautier, Sylvie
Genee, Cyrille
Germain, Mr
Gicquel, John
Gicquel, Jack
Godel, Lucille
Godel, Alice
Godel, Dora
Godel, F J
Godfray, Florence
Godfray, Francis Harzo
Godfroy, Lucille
Goubert, Elizabeth
Guy, E
Guy, Edith
Guy, Miss
Hacquoil, Madeline
Hamon, Snowdon
Hamon, James
Hamon, Ruth
Hamon, Diana
Hampton, Lord
Harrison, H E B
Helleur, F D
Henwood, N C
Herve, Jean
Herve, Horace
Herve, Beatrice
Herve, Albert
Hidrio, Marie
Hidrio, Alice
Hidrio, M
Hinault, Ada
Hinault, Francis
Hinault, Violet
Hinault, Ada
Holley, Paul
Hostingue, Elsie
Hourigan, Canon
Huchet, Berthe
Huchet, B
Huchet, Bertha
Jarnet, Ivy
Jarnet, Ethel Florence
Jarnet, Ethel
Jeanne, Laura
Jehan, Doris
Jeune, Ruby
Jones, Nurse
Jouanne, Adeline
Jouanny, Lilian
Jouanny, Francis
Jouanny, Violet
Jouanny, Stephen
Jouanny, Roselle
Jouanny, Adeline
Jouanny, A J
Journeaux, Mr
Kergal, Juliette
Lagadou, Mavis
Lagadou, Marie
Lagadou, Mary
Lagadou, Helene
Lagoguee, Marguerite
Laisney, Blanche
Langlois, Marie
Langlois, Mr
Langlois, Mrs
Langlois, H J
Langlois, Doris
Laurens, Miss
Laurens, Laura
Laurens, Laura Adelaide
Laurens, Laura A
Laurens, L A
Le Bailly, Alice
Le Borgne, Francis
Le Borgne, Augustine
Le Borgne, Helene
Le Borgne, Eugenie
Le Borgne, Louisa
Le Borgne, Rene
Le Brocq, Dr
Le Brocq, C N
Le Brun, Harold
Le Brun, Stanley
Le Brun, Eton
Le Brun, Lloyd
Le Brun, Vernon
Le Cocq, Viola
Le Cocq, Beatrice
Le Coq, Peter
Le Coq, Clifford
Le Cornec, Edouard
Le Cornu, Edmund
Le Cornu, Hilda
Le Cornu, Vera
Le Cornu, Clifford
Le Cornu, Eileen
Le Cornu, E
Le Cornu, E R
Le Cornu, Rita
Le Cozannec, Emma
Le Cras, Mrs
Le Cronier, E
Le Cronier, Mrs
Le Cuirot,  
Le Feuvre, E
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Gallais, A
Le Garignon, Cyril
Le Garignon, Marie
Le Garignon, Joyce
Le Gresley, Miss
Le Gresley, Florence J
Le Gresley, F J
Le Gresley, Mr
Le Gros, Miss
Le Gros, Ernest P
Le Maistre, G
Le Maistre, B
Le Maistre, Clifford
Le Maistre, Gerald
Le Maistre, Peter
Le Maistre, Beryl
Le Marquand, Miss
Le Marquand, Millicent
Le Marquand, Mr
Le Marquand, J
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, Mr
Le Moignan, Gladys
Le Moignan, Miss
Le Moignan, G M
Le Monnier, Alfred
Le Monnier, A
Le Monnier, J
Le Monnier, Iris
Le Monnier, Miss
Le Monnier, Lewis
Le Mottee, Francis
Le Mottee, Mrs
Le Pleurian, Jean
Le Quesne, A J
Le Rendu, J H
Le Rossignol, Deputy
Le Templier, Evelyn
Le Veler, Florentine
Lozach, Francis
Lozarch, Yvonne
Luce, E, Reverend
Luce, Edouard
Luce, Charlotte
Luce, Miss
Luce, Mr
Mackintosh, N T
Maillard, H W
Maret, Winifred
Marett, Doctor
Marett, E
Marett, Francis
Marett, J P
Marett, Clifford
Marett, Mrs
Marett, Miss
Marett, Willie
Marett, Winifred
Marett, P J
Masters, Ralph
Mauger, Miss
Mauger, Mabel Florence M
Mauger, Mabel F M
Mauger, Mrs
Mauger, M F M
Mauger, Henry
McCabe, Miss
McKinstry, R N
McKinstry, Dr
Miles, Dora Elinor
Milon, A
Milon, Doris
Minier, J
Minier, John
Morel, Francis
Morel, Jean
Morel, Louis
Morel, Emelie
Morin, Eugene
Morris, Lilian
Mourant, Maurice
Nicolle, Eva
Nicolle, Eva M
Norman, Centenier
Norman, Walter
Norman, W
Norman, Mr
Ollivro, Louise
Page, Mr
Page, A F
Parantheon, Marie
Parantheon, M
Payn, Judge
Payne, Eva
Peron, Arthur
Perron, Josephine
Perron, Cyril Ernest
Perron, Cyrille
Philippe, Peter
Pipon, Mr
Pitard, Pere
Plymen, Miss
Porter, Ernest
Price, Frank
Price, Yvonne
Queree, Walter
Renouf, Jurat
Reynolds, John C
Roach, Valery
Robinson, Kay
Rolland, Raymond
Rondel, Emma
Rondel, Philip
Ruderham, Harry
Ruderham, H A
Sanguy, Emile
Sarre, Doris
Sarre, Miss
Shales, Charles
Shepherd, Miss
Shepherd, Ruth
Somerville, Mary
Starck, Diana
Stephan, M
Stobart, J C
Strohmeyer, H A
Surcouf, Dorothy
Surcouf, Gertrude
Talibard, Marie
Talibard, M
Talibart, Blanche
Tardivel, Gladys
Tardivel, Alice
Tardivel, John
Tardivel, Roselle
Tardivel, Dorine
Tirel, Beryl
Touzel, Percy
Touzel, Phyllis
Touzel, Violet
Touzel, Violet Maud
Toy, Cecil
Toy, Royston
Toy, F
Toy, Constance
Tucker, Bertha
Udy, Thomas
Urvoy, Emile
Urvoy, Adolphus
Urvoy, Gladys
Urvoy, Douglas
Urvoy, Melvina
Vallois, Cyril Archie
Vallois, C
Valois, Nellie
Vandervliet, Albert
Vandervliet, Gertrude
Vandervliet, Joseph Henry
Vandervliet, Ruth
Vautier, J
Veler, Florentine
Vernon, William Venables, Sir
Vezier, Robert
Vibert, Maria
Vibert, Miss
Vibert, Anna Clara
Vibert, Agnes Lydia
Vibert, Hilda Maud
Vibert, A
Vibert, Agnes
Voisin, E
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Mr
Voisin, Miss
Voisin, Constable
Walker, Mr
Walker, T
Wallis, B
Watts, A
Whistler, F H
Whistler, Mrs
Wightman, Sergeant Major
Wood, Miss
Worrall, A H
Wynn Williams, E


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