Digital copy of Witness 397's second witness statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of her experiences in care, primarily with reference to her time at Haut de la Garenne. Signature witnessed by Detective Constable Stephen Monaghan. [Some details redacted].

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February 9th 2009 - February 9th 2009

Scope and Content

Outlines purpose of statement, noting request by Detective Constable Monaghan to clarify points that have arisen since Witness 397's earlier statement to the police [C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/42/WS000251]. Describes how she came to make her original complaint, recalling seeing news coverage regarding the police investigation into claims of child abuse at Haut de la Garenne, asserting to not remember any names mentioned. Describes deliberating over decision to come forward for two weeks before contacting [States of] Jersey Police directly, noting lack of discussion about making contact with the Police prior to initial contact. Asserts to have had no contact with any other residents of Haut de la Garenne prior to making her complaint to the Police. Also gives details of contact with other residents of Haut de la Garenne since making her complaint to the Police, referring to a Facebook site. Describes intention of using the site was to back into touch with people she had lost contact with, stating it was not to discuss Mr [Gordon] Wateridge. Refers to a numerous former residents of Haut de la Garenne that Witness 397 made contact with on the Facebook site. Gives details of conversations with former residents via Facebook, noting general nature of discussion with two residents as having related to press reports as opposed to their personal experiences at Haut de la Garenne. Describes conversation with another former resident about her experiences at Haut de la Garenne, mentioning discussions about members of staff including [the Superintendent] Mr [Colin] Tilbrook and Wateridge. Recalls speaking to this former resident on the telephone two or three times since making initial contact with her, asserting to have no discussed her own personal experiences with her and that information she has heard from the former resident is minimal. Asserts to no longer have any contact with anyone on the Facebook site, stating to dislike the nature of discussion about certain topics on the open wall, the public discussion forum feature of the site. Expresses her disapproval of the online activity of the partner of a former male resident at Haut de la Garenne who was not a resident herself. Comments on the Jersey Care Leavers Association, stating to not be a member herself and to not know the people who set the organisation up. Asserts to have never been a member of any of group or site to discuss her time at Haut de la Garenne other than the Facebook site. States to have not spoken to the media about her experiences at Haut de la Garenne, noting that she had been contacted by various members of the media on the Facebook site. Comments on a man referred to in her earlier statement to the Police, stating her recollection that he was not a member of staff but recalls seeing him at Haut de la Garenne on more than one occasion. Suggests that he was a friend of one of the staff members from her group. Refers to a copy of a floor plan of Haut de la Garenne dated circa 1975 presented to Witness 397, commenting on her identification of various locations including her bedroom, the snooker room, the shower room and bathroom, the dining room and the flat occupied by Wateridge.


Monaghan, Stephen, Detective Constable
Tilbrook, Colin
Wateridge, Gordon Claude
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Care Leavers' Association
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police


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