Digital copy of Case Notes by Child Care Officer C [Charles A] Smith. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 347. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 347's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police dated 19 March 2008, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/31/WS000153.

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July 16th 1962 - July 26th 1962

Scope and Content

Entry dated 16 July 1962: refers to a message from Miss Findlay dated 12 July, and visit to [Witness 347's adoptive mother], mentioning Witness 347 truanting from the family home. Refers to maritial difficulties between [Witness 347's adoptive parents], and [Witness 347's adoptive father's] holiday and business trip to England. Details [Witness 347's adoptive mother's] regrets concerning the reasons she and her husband adopted Witness 347. Mentions instance of physical abuse by [Witness 347's adoptive father] towards [Witness 347's adoptive mother]. Arranges meeting with [Witness 347's adoptive father] for 18 July [1962]. Entry dated 18 July 1962: refers to meeting with [Witness 347's adoptive parents], mentioning the impact of their relationship on Witness 347's behaviour. Provides comments from [Witness 347's adoptive father] concerning the circumstances in which he agreed to adopt Witness 347, and an admission from [Witness 347's adoptive father] that he had physically abused his wife on one occasion. Details possibility that Witness 347 could spend a holiday [in England with a relative of his adoptive parents]. Mentions Witness 347's attendance at Jersey High School. Entry dated 19 July 1963: refers to an individual contacting C Smith regarding Witness 347 wandering from his family home, and details discussion as to whether Witness 347 might be able to stay with the individual for a period of time. Entry dated 20 July 1962: refers to decision made by the above individual and her husband that Witness 347 will not be able to stay with them. Refers to visit to Witness 347, mentioning the possibility of a holiday in England. Entry dated 26 July 1962: refers to visit to an individual who had previously decided that she and her husband could not care for Witness 347. Comments on Witness 347's issues of incontinence, bedwetting, swearing, and stealing. Mentions that Witness 347 is often hungry and eats a large amount of food.


Children's Services
Jersey High School
Findlay, Miss
Smith, C A


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