Digital copy of Minutes from a Children's Sub-Committee meeting held at the Education Department. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 121. [Some details redacted].

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December 12th 1975 - December 12th 1975

Scope and Content

Lists Chairman Deputy P [Philip] G Mourant, Mrs A [Anne] Baal, Mrs E Becquet, Mrs E Le Boutillier, Reverend Father Francis Isherwood, Director of Education J [John] S Rodhouse, Children's Officer [C A Smith], Secretary K E Starke, and a member of Haut de la Garenne staff as amongst those present Refers to minutes of previous meeting dated 14 November 1975. Refers to foster mothers and mental health, mentioning Dr J [E] Hugh and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr J [P F] Fogarty of the General Hospital. Refers to the Children's Officer's Report for November 1975, referring to a total of 229 children in care, with a further 70 children under supervision in private placements. Refers to the payment of £21.35 from the Children's Benefit Interest Fund in order to purchase a uniform. Provides information regarding Senior Child Care Officer J [Jim] H [Thomson] attending the Third International Conference on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence at Liverpool University, at a cost of £55.00. Refers to Brig-y-Don Children's Convalesence Holiday Home. Refers to report of the Superintendent at Haut de la Garenne concerning children in his care, noting 57 children in residence. Provides details on staffing and plans to hold an Open Day. Provides details regarding an application for a Parental Rights Order. Refers to a woman's [election] to the States of Assembly necessitating her retirement from her membership of the [Children's] Sub-Committee. Refers to Witness 121 being committeed to the care of the Education Committee as of 6 October 1972. Mentions a Fit Person Order, and an arrest dated 7 November 1975. Details Witness 121's remand in custody pending his appearance at the Royal Court on motoring offences. Comments on the likelihood that Witness 121 be bound over on condition that he receive psychiatric treatment at St Saviour's Hospital.


Children's Services
Children's Sub-Committee
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey General Hospital
States of Jersey
St Saviour's Hospital
Becquet, E
Baal, Anne
Fogarty, J P F, Dr
Hugh, J E, Dr
Isherwood, Francis Paul, Father
Le Boutillier, E
Mourant, Philip
Rodhouse, John
Smith, C A
Starke, K E


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