Digital copy of a foster parent's witness statement to States of Jersey Police. Provided in the presence of D C [Detective Constable] 3371 Slatter. [Some details redacted].

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March 7th 2008 - March 7th 1962

Scope and Content

Background and Family Life Refers to husband and their residence in Jersey since 1962. Provides details of their biological children. Institutions Details her and her family's placement in a three storey four bedroom property, and the transfer of Witness 233 and his brothers to their care. Provides details of the circumstances surrounding Witness 233 and his brothers' admission into care. Refers to Witness 233 and his brothers' previous residency at Haut de la Garenne, during which the witness and her husband had visited the brothers in order to get to know them. Refers to concerns over how children were treated at Haut de la Garenne, mentioning a general lack of respect and instances of neglect and an instance of physical abuse. Details Witness 233's brother's transfer to Basil Lodge Hostel, and the fostering of a young girl from Westaway Creche. Refers to move of [the Family Group Home] to another house. Mentions that the family who moved in to this new house after the witness and her husband had left were investigated for child abuse. Refers to having fostered hundreds of children through emergency fostering, mentioning a second house built specifically for her and her husband's fostering needs. Mentions fostering a girl from Haut de la Garenne in 1974, who lived with the witness and her husband for a further 12 years until she was 18. Social Services Recalls approaching the Children's Officer [Patricia Thornton] with a view to fostering children after two years on the island. Comments on positive relationship with Patricia Thornton, recalling that Patricia Thornton would do anything for the children and would invite the witness, her husband, and all their children around for tea. Describes having little contact with staff at Haut de la Garenne. Mentions Haut de la Garenne Superintendent Colin Tilbrook's dislike of the witness and her husband due to their criticism of punishment methods employed at Haut de la Garenne, mentioning restrictions on children being allowed out if they had not eaten their meals. Comments on only being allowed to see the boys dormitory once. Abuse and Consequences Refers to visit by two married houseparents from Haut de la Garenne who were leaving Jersey and wished to visit [Witness 233 and his siblings] before they left. Recalls their surname and a strong accent. Refers to the woman suggesting children were being drugged and removed from their dormitories at night, citing Colin Tilbrook's involvement as the reason why they could not raise their concerns at Haut de la Garenne. Recalls instructing the couple to contac the authorities. Comments that the witness did not believe the couple due to not hearing of similar allegations from Witness 233 and his siblings.


Basil Lodge Hostel
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
States of Jersey Police
Slatter, Detective Constable
Tilbrook, Colin
Thornton, Patricia


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