Digital copy of minutes of a meeting of the Education Committee Children's Sub-Committee at the Education Department and a Houseparents' Report on Family Group Home No [Number] 3. Part of Relevant Education Committee Minutes, Children's Sub-Committee Minutes and Reports, 1967, relating to Witness 233. Education Sport and Culture Department Documentation supplied by Lacey Advocates. [Title page only]. [Some details redacted].

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July 12th 1967 - July 26th 1967

Scope and Content

Education Committee Children's Sub-Committee minutes. Lists Deputy A C Querée, Director of Education H C A Wimberley, Children's Officer P [Patricia] L Thornton, Deputy Children's Officer C [A] Smith, Children Care Officers [Child Care Officers] L [Lois] Bygrave and J [Jim] H Thomson, foster parents from two Family Group Homes, and Haut de la Garenne Superintendent C [Colin] H Tilbrook as amongst those present. Provides details of children in care, referring to Family Group Homes, Haut de la Garenne, Elizabeth House, and La Preference Vegetarian Home. Mentions St Mark's School. Refers to request for the President of the Elizabeth House Committee Mrs G [Gwyneth] Huelin to attend a meeting of the Education Committee scheduled for 27 September [1967] to discuss the general policy of Elizabeth House. Mentions books available to children at the library at Haut de la Garenne as part of the Renouf Library Grant. Refers to the appointment of an Assistant Housemother and a Nursery Assistant. Details the visit of Miss P Maurice to Jersey in connection with the proposed scheme of N N E B [National Nursery Examination Board] Training. Houseparents' Report on Family Group Home No [Number] 3. Refers to Witness 233 having left his job four months previously, and his current employment. Mentions Witness 233 having bought himself a motor scooter in order to transport himself to work, and his intention to try and obtain work nearer town. Also refers to Overdale Hospital, St Helier Boys' School, and the Marie Louise Ward at the General Hospital. [See C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/27/WD000877 for the title page of the minutes referred to here].


Children's Sub-Committee
Children's Services
Education Committee
Education Sport and Culture Department
Elizabeth House
Jersey General Hospital
Lacey Advocates
La Préférence Vegetarian Children's Home
St Helier Boys School
St Mark's School
Bygrave, Lois
Huelin, Gwyneth
Maurice, P
Querée, A C, Deputy
Smith, C A
Thornton, Patricia
Thomson, Jim
Tilbrook, Colin
Wimberley, H C A


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