Digital copy of a Case Conference on Witness 352 and her siblings held at Les Quennevais School. Signed by Children's Officer C A Smith. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 352. [Some details redacted].

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October 20th 1972 - October 20th 1972

Scope and Content

Lists Children's Officer Mr C A Smith, Children's Sub-Committee Chairman Mr R Le Cornu, Constable of St Peter Mr W [Winter] P Le Marquand, St Peter's School staff Mr W E Challinor, Miss Andrews, and Mrs Le Baile, Les Quennevais School teacher Mr E Tranter, Health Visitor Miss R L Curry, School Health Visitor Miss S Squibb, Senior Child Care Officer Mr M J Mogg, and Child Care Officer Mrs B [Brenda] Chappell as present. Refers to Witness 352 and her siblings being committed to the Care of the Education Committee by the Royal Court on 20 August 1965. Refers to differing opinions as to whether Witness 352 and her siblings should be cared for at home. Refers to breakdown of family circumstances, with mother not living at the family home. Comments that Witness 352 is acting as her siblings' mother, and this is preventing Witness 352 attending work, resulting in her sacking. Refers to belief Witness 352 should not have such responsibility, and that she should instead be housed in a hostel. Suggests the possible creation of a Family Group Home to house the children. Refers to the three options for Witness 352 and her siblings' care going forward, mentioning the provision of Special Home Help, the setting up of a Special Family Unit, or the removal of the children to some other form of care. Refers to the involvement of the Housing Committee. Contains descriptions of members of the family from teacher Miss Andrews. Comments on Witness 352's difficulties in managing her siblings at home. Refers to the preparation of a full report for a special meeting of the Children's Sub-Committee dated 8 November 1972. Refers to the arrangement of a Case Conference for 17 November 1972 at Les Quennevais School.


Children's Sub-Committee
Children's Services
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Housing Committee
Les Quennevais School
Le Cornu, R
Le Marquand, Winter P, Constable
Royal Court
St Peter's School
Andrews, Miss
Challinor, W E
Curry, R L
Chappell, Brenda
Le Baile, Mrs
Mogg, M J
Squibb, S
Smith, C A
Tranter, E


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