Digital copy of Witness 359's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of his experiences in care, primarily with reference to his time at Haut de la Garenne. [Some details redacted].

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May 1st 2008 - May 1st 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Gives details of background and early life [in the United Kingdom]. Describes being the eldest of multiple brothers, noting that he does not have any contact wth some of his brothers. Gives details of his parents' employment, recalling that his father worked away a lot and his mother worked full-time. Recalls living in a small council flat, describing his childhood as unhappy. Recalls being bullied by his brothers and other children at school, mentioning attempts to talk to his parents about his brothers. Describes running away often from the age of 7 or 8, mentioning having his appendix removed in one of the places he ran away to. Describes moving to Jersey aged 15½ in September 1969, mentioning connection to the island through an aunt from Jersey. Describes journey to Jersey, mentioning taking a train and the Sea Link ferry before arriving in St Helier. Recalls having the few clothes he had brought with him and remainder of his savings. Describes arrival in St Helier, recalling going to the Airport to eat and sleeping in a boat near the harbour. Describes visiting the police station to inform them of his circumstances and their reaction being not believe Witness 359. Recalls being seen by a probation officer after visiting the police and being told that he would have to return to the United Kingdom or be prosecuted for being destitute, choosing the former option. Notes that he had to stay in Jersey whilst his return journey could be arranged, recalling being sent to Haut de la Garenne, including a description of the police vehicle he was taken to the children's home in. Institutions Includes recollections of the front exterior of the property at Haut de la Garenne upon arrival at the children's home. Recalls having his property taken from him and being question by four members of staff in an office about why he was in Jersey. Includes recollections of these members of staff, including a male in his 20s, two males in their 40s and a female in her 30s. Also includes recollections of other children in residence and daily routine at Haut de la Garenne, including being sent to a library before going to bed. Describes the location of his bedroom at Haut de la Garenne, recalling being told that it was a sick room, and a description of the facilities therein. Includes a description of what he recalls seeing when he looked out of his bedroom window, mentioning a flat asphalt roof. Includes recollections of nighttime routine and recollections of pyjamas worn. Recalls receiving a cursory medical examination from a doctor, recalling that he was an old man. Recalls a female member of staff coming into the room with a young baby whilst he was having his examination. Recalls later talking with a female resident on the front garden until she was called away by a member of staff. Remarks how the girl's demeanour changed when he saw her at tea time, and recalls asking to see the girl before he left the home to return to the United Kingdom, but was told that she was being punished downstairs. Recalls going with a number of children to a play or concert in St Helier on the day before he left Haut de la Garenne to return home. Abuse and Consequences Describes being sexually abused in his bedroom on his first night at Haut de la Garenne by an unknown male. Recalls the male telling Witness 359 to not say anything about the abuse. Includes a description of the man including identifying features and clothing. Asserts to be unsure as to whether the male was a member or staff or not, noting that he was not one of the staff that he met upon his arrival at Haut de la Garenne and that he never saw him around Haut de la Garenne during his stay. Recalls being asked by a boy in residence whether he had been visited by a male the morning after the abuse. Recalls being sexually abused again the following evening, noting that he thinks it was the same male who had sexually abused him the day before. Recalls this incident as having happened on a Thursday as he was due to return [to the United Kingdom] the day after, which he recalls as being a Friday. Cites the fact that he was only at Haut de la Garenne for a short period as reason for not reporting abuse, noting how he blamed himself for putting himself into that situation. Recollections of hearing a child resident at Haut de la Garenne being physically abused by an adult. Describes being sexually abused by the male who escorted from Haut de la Garenne to [the United Kingdom] whilst in a car driving along the coast. Includes a description of the man, mentioning physical appearance and clothing. Events since leaving Care Describes leaving Haut de la Garenne and having his property returned to him. Gives details of journey back to his home escorted by a male, recalling being told that if he was ever found in Jersey again he would be imprisoned and thus has not returned to the Island since. Recalls being met by his father and taking a train back to his home, noting how he ran away whilst his father went into a pub on the journey home, citing not wanting to return home to his brothers. Recalls spending the night in an old bus and reporting his experiences of his home life and the emotional abuse by his brothers to the local police station the morning after. Notes that he did not report abuse suffered at Haut de la Garenne. Notes that the Police took a statement from him and as direct result a care and protection order was issued in respect of him and he was sent to a children's home for 6 weeks. Notes that he spent his remaning teenage years in care in his local area. Comments on impact of events during his childhood, including abuse suffered in Jersey, commenting on his distrust of people. Asserts that events in Jersey have not contributed to his offending, place blame on himself for events since leaving care. Describes gaining qualifications whilst in prison, commenting on futility of them.


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Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Airport
Operation Rectangle
St Helier Harbour
States of Jersey Police


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