Digital copy of a Report submitted by Joseph P Cunningham, Civilian Investigator, Operation Rectangle concerning an allegation of indecent assault made by Witness 359 against a social worker. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 359's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police dated 1 May 2008, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/40/WS000207.

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November 2nd 2008 - November 8th 2008

Scope and Content

Witness 359 Includes details about Witness 359, including approximate year of birth, noting that he an inmate in a prison. Refers to allegations made by Witness 359 that he was subject of physical and sexual abuse, including to physical abuse by his brothers. Notes that Witness 359 would frequently run away from home as a result of treatment by brothers, including one occasion whereby he ran away to Jersey, referring to his connection to the Island through an uncle whose wife was from Jersey originally but did not reside there. Refers to Witness 359 stealing money from the family home to finance his journey to Jersey in September, noting that he slept rough on his first night in Jersey before handing himself into the police who summoned a probation officer who placed him into Haut de la Garenne whilst arrangements were made to return him to the United Kingdom. Describes allegations made by Witness 359 of sexual abuse by an unknown male on both nights that he spent at Haut de la Garenne, Also refers to further allegations made by Witness 359 that his [probation officer] sexually abused him whilst en route to the airport for return to the United Kingdom. Comment Describes Witness 359 running away from his parental home the morning after returning and reporting abuse by his brothers to local police resulting in Witness 359 being taken into care. Notes that Witness 359 did not disclose offences alleged to have taken place in Jersey to Police. Establishes dates of Witness 359's residence at Haut de la Garenne according to records relating to admission and discharge dates of residents at Haut de la Garenne between 1960 and 1984, noting reason for care recorded as being in need of temporary care. Provides comments about research into the identity of the probation officer mentioned by Witness 359. Witness appreciation regarding Witness 359 Refers to remarks from Detective Constable [Philip] Holmes' assessment of Witness 359's credibility as a witness, mentioning doubts about using Witness 359 as a witness due to his circumstances. Conclusion Describes lack of corroboration of allegations made by Witness 359 and lack of likelihood of obtaining evidence due to there having been no witnesses to abuse. Cites insufficient evidence as reason for suggestion that the matter should be shown no further action.


Cunningham, Joseph, Civilian Investigator
Holmes, Philip, Detective Constable
Smith, Detective Sergeant
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
Operation Rectangle
Probation and After Care Service
States of Jersey Police


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