Digital copy of Witness 185's second witness statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of her experiences in care at Haut de la Garenne. Signature witnessed by Detective Constable S Monaghan. [Some details redacted].

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April 23rd 2009 - April 23rd 2009

Scope and Content

Outlines purpose of the statements as a means to clarify poitns to have arisen since providing her original statement to the States of Jersey Police [C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/17/WS000294]. Comments on incidents regarding her bedwetting, mentioning that this remained throughout her childhood until aged 19 and continued periodically throughout her adult life. Refers to provisions put in place at Haut de la Garenne in respect of her bedwetting, and normal practice of staff when such an incident occurred in respect of Witness 185's hygiene and welfare. Describes being emotionally and physically abused by Morag [Kidd/Jordan] as punishment for bedwetting, commenting on how Morag's response differed from other staff. Refers to other residents who witnessed the abuse and describes how Morag would humiliate Witness 185 in front of other residents and would call her names related to her bedwetting habit. Describes reporting abuse to individuals including a male teacher at her secondary school. Refers to her reputation amongst peers at school and other residents at Haut de la Garenne in terms of her bedwetting, describing one resident as a bully. Notes that although other staff could be cruel, Morag was constantly so. Includes comments about punishment by staff at Haut de la Garenne [amounting to physical and sexual abuse]. Recalls being frequently force-fed by Morag, commenting on long-term impact of abuse on her. Also recalls being forced to eat cigarette butts by Morag as punishment for smoking, and Morag making her strip naked and run around the swimming pool and along the corridor whilst other children were made to watch. Comments on the detention rooms at Haut de la Garenne. Recalls that there were two detention rooms, commenting on the lack of bed and toileting facilities therein and basic nature of food provision to children placed in them. Recalls being placed in a detention room for a week after being caught underage drinking with another resident. Notes that only Mr [Jim] Thomson had the authority to send children to the detention rooms. Recalls first being placed in the detention room when she was aged 10. Includes comments about Morag, describing her physically abusive approach towards children and examples of this behaviour. Includes description of Morag's physical appearance, including distinguishing features, recalling that she had her husband whilst at Haut de la Garenne. Asserts to be unaware of Morag's surname but states to be able to recognise Morag if she saw her, commenting on impact Morag has had on her life in terms of being insecure. Comments on contact had with former residents of Haut de la Garenne since leaving care. Refers to one female resident with whom she has contact via Facebook, noting that she told her that if Witness 185 was to return to Jersey then she would put her in contact with the [Jersey] Care Leavers Association. Asserts to have had no other contact with her, not with any other former resident or members of the media. Describes contacting the [Historic Abuse Inquiry] team in February 2008 after seeing coverage on the television and telling them that whilst a resident at Haut de la Garenne she had been stripped and placed in cells. Comments on circumstances surrounding her being placed in Haut de la Garenne, mentioning alcoholism of her parents and breakdown of their marriage, and behaviour of her mother's new boyfriend towards Witness 185 and her sister.


Kidd, Morag
Monaghan, Stephen, Detective Constable
Thomson, Jim
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Care Leavers' Association
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police


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