Digital copy of a Report submitted by Detective Constable L C Béghin regarding Her Majesty's Attorney v. Anthony Peter Watton. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 187's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/18.

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November 2nd 2001 - November 2nd 2001

Scope and Content

Describes events leading to Watton beind charged with two counts of indecent assault, making indecent images of children and possession of indecent images of children over a 30 year period, describing evidence showing Watton to be a persistent offender. Provides details about Watton, referring to his directorship of Studio 18, Beresford Street and presidency of an organisation, noting that he was asked to leave due to inappropriate behaviour with young boys. Refers to Watton's criminal history dating from 1967, including conviction in respect of three counts of indecent assault in 1987, receiving one year's probation and 100 hours community service. Includes background about the case and investigation against Watton, commenting on pattern of behaviour, referencing his character and attitude towards young males. Refers to incidents whereby Watton sexually abused a male resident and others at Haut de la Garenne on camping trips at Crabbé. Refers to disclosure made by Witness 187 about being sexually abused by Watton from the age of 14 on numerous occasions whilst at school, describing how Watton drugged him. Also refers to discloures made by Witness 187 in his witness statement regarding sexual abuse by [Terence] Jarrett and Thomas Hamon, noting conviction of Jarrett and Hamon as being subject of a current investigation. Describes two incidents of sexual abuse by Watton dated 1979 and 1980 disclosed by members of the [organisation that Watton was president of]. Provides details of incidents whereby Watton sexually abused another boy. Includes an incident in 1983 whereby Watton sexually abused the boy after plying him with alcohol, commenting on Watton's drinking habits. Refers to complaint made by the boy's mother in 1985 regarding her son being indecently assaulted by Watton. Notes that Watton was subsequently interviewed under caution and admitted to sexual offences, stating that he would seek immediate medical treatment. Describes how Watton was not prosecuted because the offence occurred outside the jurisdiction of Jersey. Comments on Watton's conviction in 1987 for three offences of indecent assult on a 14 year old boy, receiving one year's probation and 100 hours community service. Refers to Police investigation into Watton in 1995 concerning images of teenage boys in stages of undress, describing how Watton was spoken to and stated that his intentions were innocent. Notes that Watton was again subject of an investigation in January 1996 by the States of Jersey Police and also by Customs and Excise following interception of a package addressed to Watton containing a pornographic video. Refers to subsequent admission by Watton that he was a paedophile in a Police interview, noting no prosecution was conducted. Refers to disclosure by an individual regarding concerns that Watton was sexually abusing a boy. Refers to Witness 187's conviction in 1997 for the importation of controlled drugs and sentencing to nine months' imprisonment by the Royal Court. Notes that during the case Witness 187 stated that his intention was to plant the drugs on Watton. Also refers witness statement made by Witness 187 to the Police Family Protection Team whilst in custody at La Moye Prison, noting that this was not investigated. Provides details of an investigation into Watton in 2001 led by Detective Constable Louis Charles Beghin, noting Watton's arrest on 7 August 2001 on suspicion of historic indecent assault on young boys. Refers to a search conducted of Watton's house, mentioning computers and photographic equipment seized during the search. Refers to examination of Watton's computers by Police Constable Sarah Henderson during which a number of indecent images of children were found, despite Watton stating the contrary when questioned during a Police interview. Also includes comments about the examination of emails sent by Watton, referring to continued pattern of Watton's interest in young males, and examination of photographs shown to be indecent. Refers to further interview conducted with Watton, during which he answered no comment to all questions put to him. Describes how Watton was charged with the four charges detailed above by by Centenier David Letto on 20 September 2001, to which Watton entered a reserved plea. Refers to court appearances, including Watton's appearance before the Magistrates Court on 21 September 2001 where he was released from custody on warning with conditions, including details of the conditions. Mentions committal of the case to the Royal Court on 19 October 2001 remanded to 16 November 2001. Includes witness assessments of victims of Watton. Includes an assessment of Witness 187, referring to several convictions for motoring offences. Notes how Witness 187's criminal history starts at the time Watton was abusing him. Describes Witness 187 as a strong witness. Also includes assessment about Witness 187's mother, and comments about other witnesses. Refers to other potential victims of Watton, commenting on very real possibility of other victims existing, mentioning information that continues to come to light in this regard. Mentions Watton's suicide attempt on the night of 14/15 October 2001 whilst in his car, referring to a note left in his vehicle to his mother. Describes how the contents of a letter or note for the attention of his legal advisers have not yet been disclosed. Includes conclusions of the Report, referring to concern expressed for many years regarding Watton's involvement with young boys, several investigations, no change in behaviour since conviction in 1987, admission to being a paedophile in 1997, opinion of Detective Constable Bray that Watton was a danger to young boys, assessment of continued risk Watton poses to children, and likelihood of further victims coming forward.


Beghin, Louis, Detective Constable
Bray, Keith, Detective Constable
Cameron, Alex, Centenier
Christmas, Ian
Cornic, Claude, Detective Constable
Cross, Simon John, Police Constable
Davidson, Neville
Davison, Catherine Fiona, Detective Constable
de Ste George, Mark, Police Constable
Edwards, Martin Adrian, Detective Constable
Hamon, Thomas Charles
Harris, Peter, Advocate
Henderson, Sarah
Jarrett, Terence
Gollop, Julian, Advocate
Lang, Colin, Detective Sergeant
Letto, David, Centenier
Loughlin, Keeley Patricia, Detective Constable
Pryke, Roger, Detective Sergeant
Sheridan, Leo Patrick, Police Constable
Tricot, Eric
Vivian, Rani, Police Constable
Watton, Tony
Webb, Steven
Customs and Excise Department
Family Protection Team
Haut de la Garenne
HM Prison, La Moye
Magistrates Court
St John Ambulance
States of Jersey Police
Studio 18
Victim Support


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