Digital copy of a Police Report submitted by WPC [Woman Police Constable] 5 S F [Fiona] O'Brien. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 182. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 182's witness statements to States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/16.

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June 24th 1982 - June 24th 1982

Scope and Content

Relates to sexual offences concerning Witness 182. Details telephone call received at Police Headquarters on 27 April [1982] from a member of staff from Haut de la Garenne regarding a female resident who had admitted to having had sexual intercourse with a boy at Fort Regent. Refers to attendance at Haut de la Garenne where she was informed by a member of staff that a male resident had reported Witness 182 having sexual intercourse with a boy at Fort Regent, leading to Witness 182 being questioned by staff. Mentions that Witness 182 admitted to having had sexual intercourse with the boy. Describes meeting with Witness 182 in the presence of her housemother regarding events at Fort Regent, naming the boy she had had sexual intercourse with. Details transport of Witness 182 to Police Headquarters, and Witness 182's medical examination by Dr Michael Holmes. Refers to the States Analyst Mr Holliday. Recalls statement recorded from Witness 182 regarding events of the 26 April [1982], mentioning visiting town with her housemother, and going to Fort Regent for a swim and a coffee at the Spring board Cafeteria. Refers to Witness 182 meeting friends, and chatting with a boy whilst her other friends left for the fun fair and golf course at Fort Regent. Details sexual intercourse between Witness 182 and the boy, mentioning her concern regarding pain and pregnancy. Mentions Witness 182's references to her childhood whilst making her statement to the Police, commenting on rejection by her mother. Asserts that Witness 182's childhood prior to Haut de la Garenne appears to have left her emotionally disturbed. Details telephone call from Witness 182's housemother concerning discrepancies with Witness 182's statement, and Witness 182's mental health. Refers to arrangements made for Witness 182 to return to Police Headquarters for a second interview. Refers to Witness 182's attendance at Police Headquarters on 28 April 1982, along with her housemother. Refers to suspicions from Haut de la Garenne staff and Police regarding Witness 182's sexual history. Requested that Woman Police Constable Elliott speak with Witness 182 regarding her sexual knowledge and history. Notes that Witness 182 requested to speak to her housemother. Refers to Witness 182's allegations of sexual abuse against her stepfather, and her distress when questioned as to the truth of the allegations. Details discussion between Witness 182 and Detective Sergeant Riseborough regarding the seriousness of her allegations. Details circumstances leading to sexual abuse during Christmas 1981, mentioning Witness 182's stepfather and siblings. Details sexual abuse of Witness 182 by her stepfather, mentioning the presence of Witness 182's younger sister. Refers to a meeting dated 29 April 1982 at Police Headquarters with [Child Care Officer] Mr [Hal] Coomer, and the decision to interview Witness 182's stepfather regarding the allegations made by Witness 182. Refers to a further examination of Witness 182 by Dr Holmes. Mentions Witness 182's stepfather's maintaining of his innocence. Details Witness 182's interview at Police Headquarters on 30 April 1982 in the presence of Child Care Officer Mrs [Jean] Andrews, Detective Sergeant Riseborough, and Detective Constable Prior, in which Witness 182 said that the allegations of sexual abuse regarding her stepfather were false. Notes that Witness 182 claimed to have made up the allegations in order to get back at her parents, mentioning her belief that her stepfather was responsible for her mother's mental breakdown, and Witness 182's admission to Haut de la Garenne. Refers to Witness 182's stepfather's release from custody, and the medical examination of Witness 182's younger sister by Dr Holmes. Details interview of the boy Witness 182 had sexual intercourse with at Fort Regent, in which he stated Witness 182 had said she was almost sixteen. Suggests that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute the boy in question. Notes factors supporting decision not to prosecute, mentioning the thoughts of Haut de la Garenne staff regarding Witness 182's promiscuous behaviour, her status as an unreliable witness, Witness 182's ongoing psychiatric treatment, and Witness 182's appearance in relation to her age.


Children's Services
Fort Regent
States of Jersey Police
Andrews, Jean
Coomer, Hal
Elliott, Christine, Woman Police Constable
Holmes, Michael, Dr
Holliday, P J G
Prior, William, Detective Constable
O'Brien, Fiona, Woman Police Constable
Riseborough, John, Detective Sergeant


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