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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Ibex from Weymouth on the 25th of May 1919

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May 25th 1919 - May 25th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Adam, W M
Alexandre, William Charles
Amy, Charles Vincent
Amy, Edward Charles
Andow, Frederick
Ashcroft, Edward John
Ashley, Ethel May
Ashley, Reginald Sidney
Aubert, Cyril
Aubin, Charles Francis
Aubin, Marie Le Cerf
Aveson, William Henry
Barule, Jane
Baty, Alexander Thomas
Baudains, Ada Elise
Bayliss, Albert
Bechin, Maurice Lucien
Benson, F R
Bérézay, Yves Marie Désiré
Binet, Alice Maud
Binet, Roy Oliver
Bishop, Alfred Jeune
Bisson, John
Blackford, Ada
Blackford, William Robert
Le Blancq, Mary Ann
Boschat, John
Boielle, Edward Clarence
Boielle, Jane Mary Greenway
Boielle, Jeannette
Bold, John
Bower, George Alfred
Boyce, Arthur
Le Breton, Arthur
O'Brien, William
Brierley, Thomas Arthur
Broad, Francis Ernest Harrington
Bromley, Thomas
Le Brun, Fred Alec
Le Brun, Laura Jane
Buttler, William
Burgess, Benjamin
Carlton-Smith, Kathleen
Carter, Alfred John
Case, William Ambrose
Castle, Victor
Chantry, James
Chester, Leonard John
Chomley, Mary Elizabeth
Red Cross
Clayton, Edith Ellen
Clayton, William Edward
Coldicott, Charles Harry Maitland
Coldicott, Edith Amanda
Collins, Vernon Basset
Cantell, Donald Beatty Mackay
Coop, Clara Hague
de la Cour, Clarence Walter
De La Cour, Florence Annie
Cudlipp, Elsie Maud
Culver, Charles
Davison, George Frederick
Deans, Jessie Carswell
Downie, George
Downie, Hannah
Dubras, Charles Edward
Dutot, Adeline Helen
Dwyer, Edith Lilian
Dwyer, John Joseph
Egerton-Savory, Arthur
Royal Air Force
Ellis, Albert Edward
Evans, Richard
Fielding, Thomas
Firks, Ethel
Fitzgibbon, Esther
Fitzgibbon, John Elias
Ford, Victor Howard
Royal Navy
Frampton, Georgina Emily
Gateley, Thomas Francis Edward
Gliddon, Dorothy
Gliddon, Edith Blanche
Gliddon, Herbert Arthur
Godfray, Annie
Godfray, Catherine Maud
Godfray, Margaret Vance
Godfray, John Vance
Godfrey, George
Goodman, Alfred Eros
Gotrell, Gertrude Caroline
Grant, Ernest Joseph
Mahoney, Edward
Hansford, George
Jouny, Jack
Grave, Lewis
Gregg, Griselda
Grice, Richard Flint
Grice, Winifred Brett
De Gruchy, Ernest Renouf
de Gruchy, Oliver John
Guiton, Horace
The British Army
Gulliford, Stanley Charles
Harper, William Charles
Hawkins, Leslie William
De La Haye, Louise
Heald, Clifford
Herbert, Edith Maud
Herbert, Frederick Charles
Hewitt, John H
Hill, Samuel
Hitch, Frederick Albert
Housby, Leonard
Hobkinson, Annie
Hobkinson, James Sidney
Hocquard, Stanley
Hogg, Philip James
Homer, Ernest
Howyego, Alfred
Hubert, Walter
Hughes, Clarence
Hunter, Hugh Busby
Hunter, Kathleen
Hurst, Charles Alfred
Hyne, Kathleen Dorothy
Hyne, Lionel John
Jourdan, Esidore
Jeffery, Edwin William
Jolly, Hubert
Jupe, Albert Edward
King, George Thomas
Klein, Louis
Lamb, John
Langford, Lydia Louisa
Langeard, Florence
Langeard, Walter
Lanning, Stanley Clarence
Lasich, William Edward
Lauder, Edward
Leat, John William
Letts, Elsie


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