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Travel Permits issued to passengers travelling on the SS Alberta on the 12th of September 1916

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September 12th 1916 - September 12th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Beharell, Charles John
Blampied, Eveline
Bond, Mildred Rose
Booker, Mary Jane
Boone, Charles Edward
Brache, Henry H
Chappins, James
Cleary, Edwin
Collas, Albert Ernest
Collas, Alice Lydia
Collas, Ernest John
Cristin, Ada Jane
David, John
Danson, Paul Richard
Le Feuvre, Anne
Le Feuvre, Marguerite A J M
Le Geyt, Matilda
Le Gros, Elsie Giselle
Le Gresley, John Walter
Haffenden, Cecil Harry
Hale, Charles Henry
Harding, Ernest Valentine
Helman, Selina
Helman, William John
Hubert, Florence
Hughes, Ewart Gladstone
Huntley, Thomas Cary
Johnston, Robert
Jeune, Phillip
Kimber, Caroline
Kimber, Ethel
Kirkpatrick, Eliza
Lavary, Louis Joseph
Light, Emily
Lightfoot, Alfred
British Red Cross
Liritra, Gioacchino
Mackenzie, John Montolieu Hay
Mansurier, Alfred
Monish, Hugh Kenneth
Nelson, Richard
Oakley, Arthur Reginald
Le Page, Reta
Parry, Elizabeth
Patch, James Walter
Phelps, Gilbert Christopher
Porter, R
Priaulx, Miriam
Rambaut, William Thomas Romney
Randall, Maud Elizabeth
Rennick, Beatrice Mary
Rodda, Richard William
Roulin, Desire
Rowland, Violet
Saunders, Marie Hue
Stretch, Alfred John
Sorel, Susan
South, Alice
South, George Hubert
South, Hubert
South, Ronald
Stafford, Aline
Stafford, Percy Beaumont, Major
Sweeney, Elsie Maud
Taroni, Mabel Gertrude
Tatam, Percy Albert
Tucker, Clifford Hedley
du Val, Annie
Verini, Archibald Joseph, Major
Watson, John
Watson, Maude
Wedderspoon, Jack Henry Butcher
Royal Flying Corps
Willcox, Adele
Woodhand, William
Woodsford, Elsie May


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