Digital copy of a Report for the Royal Court on Witness 218, a pupil of Les Quennevais School. Signed by [Senior Child Care Officer] A [Anton] Skinner. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 218. For Witness 218's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/28.

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August 26th 1977 - August 26th 1977

Scope and Content

Provides details of Witness 218, his parents and siblings. Refers to Witness 218's appearance before the Juvenile Court charged with larceny, and his remand to the care of his parents pending a Royal Court appearance. Provides background information pertaining to Witness 218 and his family, mentioning his brothers, his parents' relationship, and his mother's role as a private foster-mother. Notes that the Children's Department's initial involvement with Witness 218 began in September 1975 when Witness 218 was eleven years old, due to acts of vandalism. Refers to Witness 218's appearance before the Royal Court, and his being made a subject of a Binding-Over Order for a period of three years. Refers to Witness 218's relationship with his family's foster sister, and suggests her return to her biological parents may have contributed to the deterioration in Witness 218's behaviour. Refers to reports attached, mentioning School Reports from Les Quennevais School, and Witness 218's primary school, as well as the Psychiatric Report ordered by the Juvenile Court. Details Witness 218's relationships with his brothers. Refers to Witness 218's parents' concerns regarding Witness 218's behaviour, mentioning their attempts to change his behaviour via positive reinforcement as well as negative reinforcement such as corporal punishment. Refers to Witness 218's employment on a paper-round. Mentions that Witness 218 was seen at school by the Educational Psychologist. Comments on the lack of improvement regarding Witness 218's behaviour since his last appearance before the Royal Court, referring to disruptive and anti-social behaviour at home, at school, and within the community. Refers to efforts made by the Children's Office, Les Quennevais School staff, and Witness 218's family to help Witness 218 improve his behaviour, and suggests that Witness 218 would benefit from a residential placement. Recommends to the Royal Court that a Fit Person Order commit Witness 218 to the Care of the Education Committee. Intends for Witness 218 to be placed at Haut de la Garenne, with a move to Les Chenes [Residential School] also suggested as a possibility once Les Chenes has been established as fully functioning in the October of 1977. Refers to Witness 218's religion as Roman Catholic, and requests that a Contribution Order of £4.00 a week be made.


Children's Services
Children's Department
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Education Committee
Education Committee (Children's Section)
Haut de la Garenne
Juvenile Court
Les Quennevais School
Les Chênes Residential School
Royal Court


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