Digital copy of Witness 311's first witness statement to the States of Jersey Police relating to her experiences in care at Brig-y-Don, Haut de la Garenne and Les Chênes. Signature witnessed by Detective Constable [James] McGranahan. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 311's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/29.

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April 7th 2008 - April 7th 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Early Years Provides details including year of birth and reason for contacting the Police, citing television appeal. Mentions siblings and upbringing. Institutions Includes references to her time at Brig-y-Don, Haut de la Garenne, Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home], St Helier Girls' School and Les Chênes. Recalls being placed at Brig-y-Don aged 6 following mother's admission to hospital on a temporary two-week basis, noting that the move was made permanent by Social Services following review. Recalls members of staff and other children in residence at Brig-y-Don, referring to children with disabilities. Provides general impression of Brig-y-Don. Describes being sent to Haut de la Garenne aged 10 or 11, providing first impressions of the building and residents. Recalls being sent into Dunluce group. Includes recollections of staff including the Head of the Home Jim Thompson [Thomson] and houseparents including Philip Le Bail, Tony Jordan and Morag [Jordan, née Kidd]. Recalls that she used to doing house cleaning for Jim Thomson for which she was paid. Also includes recollections of other children in residence including friends, recalling that there were 4 or 5 children in her dormitory. Recalls running away from Haut de la Garenne on 3 or 4 occasions, sometimes with another girl. Recalls being placed into a [detention] cell for 72 hours upon being returned to Haut de la Garenne after absconding, stating that children would be placed in detention for either 24 or 72 hours. Refers to transfer to a boarding school or remand home for a short period before being sent to Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home] at [Les] Quennevais. Recalls being at Blanche Pierre for a week, recalling other children in residence, before being readmitted to Haut de la Garenne. Describes leaving Haut de la Garenne in 1981 aged 13 during her second year at St Helier Girls' School. Recalls being sent to Le Chene [Les Chênes]. Describes [Les Chênes] as worse than Haut de la Garenne, referring to being locked up in her room and comments about the points system where residents would be rewarded for certain chores and points deducted for misbehaviour. Includes recollections of staff and residents at [Les Chênes], describing [Les Chênes] as okay but strict. Abuse and Consequences Recalls being stripped of all her clothes and placed in a detention cell by two members of the night staff, a male and a female. Refers to a resident at Blanche Pierre telling her that bad things had happened at the [Family Group Home]. Recalls being sexually abused by older male residents at Crabbé whilst on a camping trip with other children from Haut de la Garenne. Recalls that another older boy sexually abused another girl. States that if she refused, she would be physically abused. Believes Phil Le Bail was on the camping trip, recalling that he played the guitar. Refers to rumours amongst residents that another child had been abused. Includes recollections of Phil Le Bail visiting her regularly at [Les Chênes] and bring her presents. Provides details of an incident at Le Bail's flat opposite St Martin's Church where Le Bail provided her and another girl with alcohol. States that she was aged 13 at the time, noting that Le Bail made a sexual advance at her which she refused. Notes that Le Bail stopped visiting her after this incident. Recalls telling her mother about the incident. Events since leaving Care Refers to incident whilst in employment culminating in an individual telling her that she was no longer required at work. Refers to Phil Le Bail's death, noting that he committed suicide. [For a copy of this witness statement with different levels of redaction, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/29/WS000392].


Jordan, Morag
Jordan, Tony
Le Bail, Philippe
McGranahan, James, Detective Constable
Thomson, Jim
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
Les Chênes Residential School
Operation Rectangle
St Helier Girls' School
St Martin's Church
States of Jersey Police


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