Digital copy of Witness 311's second witness statement to the States of Jersey Police relating to her experiences in care, particularly with respect to her time at Les Chênes. Signature witnessed by [Civilian Investigator] Rita Adams. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 311's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/29.

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August 19th 2008 - August 19th 2008

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Provides additional information further to her previous statement [C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/29/WS000393]. Recalls being transferred from Haut de la Garenne to Les Chênes Residential School when she was aged 13 during her second year at St Helier Girls' School. Comments on reason for her transfer to Les Chênes, speculating that it was due to her behaviour and attitude at school. Refers to placement of her and her siblings into care, mentioning upbringing by mother. Refers to other residents at Les Chênes, mentioning two girls who left prior to her arrival. Includes description of the points system in place at Les Chênes. Notes that points were awarded for good behaviour and that receiving enough points over a three-week period would be rewarded with a weekend home. States that points would be deducted for poor behaviour but asserts that staff would also deduct points for nothing. Recalls staying at Les Chênes until aged 15 after passing 6 CSE examinations, stating that she would not have achieved this if she had not been at Les Chênes. Refers to support provided to her by her family. Also includes recollections other children in residence during her time at Les Chênes, stating that there were approximately 15 children at Les Chênes at any one time. Refers to a male resident who later got in trouble with the Police, male residents who appeared to receive favourable treatment in respect of the points system and a female resident with whom she shared a bedroom and was picked on for bedwetting. Also refers to recollections of a boy from her time at Brig-y-Don. Includes recollections of staff at Les Chênes, describing one male staff member as a bully, a female aide as nice, a female staff member who had her favourite children and a male staff member who was firm but fair. Also describes two male staff members as horrible, overly strict and unaware of how to look after children, recalling an incident involving of the male members of staff and a 13 or 14 year old boy. Recalls secure cells at Les Chênes, asserting that she was never locked in them but did stay overnight in one of the cells whilst her bedroom was being decorated. Recalls 3 or 4 gypsy boys being picked up by Police and placed into the secure cells, stating that to be unaware of what happened to them. Asserts to have not suffered physical or sexual abuse whilst at Les Chênes, but states to have been emotionally abused. Refers to the death of an individual, noting refusal by staff to allow her to go home until the weekend after his death and initial refusal by staff to allow her to go to the funeral due to her having been in trouble with the Police. Notes that she was allowed to go to the funeral but that time she was allowed with her family was limited to 1 hour, noting that she had not seen her father in 10 years prior to the funeral. Notes that following the funeral she did not go home again for another 6 months other than to visit the grave on Sundays. Recalls that a psychologist visited her at Les Chênes following the individual's death. Comments on discipline at Les Chênes, referring to deduction of points, placement into secure cells or caning by a male staff member in his office, describing the regime as strict. Asserts to have no recollection of being caned or placed into the secure cells. Disputes the reason given for her being in care. Describes being told that she had been placed into care voluntarily and that no care orders were ever made in respect of her. States that she could have returned home when her mother was rehoused into a three-bedroom flat by the States. Describes herself as feeling conned by Children's Services, referring to impact of time in care on her life, mentioning alcohol problem. [For a copy of this witness statement with different levels of redaction, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/29/WS000393].


Adams, Rita, Civilian Investigator
Children's Services
Haut de la Garenne
Les Chênes Residential School
Operation Rectangle
St Helier Girls' School
States of Jersey Police


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