Digital copy of a Report on Witness 383 by M Snowdon of D'Hautree School. Undated, c. 1985. [Some details redacted]. Taken from Witness 383's Children's Services Client File. For Witness 383's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/37/WS000400.

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1985 - 1985

Scope and Content

Refers to Witness 383's previous education at St Martin's Primary School. Comments on report from St Martin's Primary School stating that support needed to be provided to Witness 383 in terms of his schoolwork, and references to criminal tendencies. Refers to Witness 383's attendance during his first year at D'Hautree School, and instances of misbehaviour such as smoking. Refers to Witness 383's poor state of dress, his general demeanour, and a medical report. Comments on Witness 383's placement on voluntary probation, and his mother's condoning of Witness 383's attendance record. Refers to Children's Officer [Child Care Officer] Mr [Danny] Wherry visiting Witness 383's home, and a letter written to Witness 383's mother by Children's Officer Mr [C A] Smith regarding Witness 383's school attendance record. Describes the deterioration in Witness 383's appearance throughout his second year at D'Hautree School, mentioning his need for new shoes. Refers to instance dated January 1984 in which Witness 383 was sent home from school for a bath and change of clothing, due to having slept in his school uniform overnight, and his enuresis. Comments on Witness 383's pleasant demeanour and educational aptitude during this time. Refers to a Case Conference dated 12 October 1984. Details the deterioration in Witness 383's school work, dress, personal hygiene, and appearance, during this third year at D'Hautree School. Refers to a letter written by [Children's Officer] Mr [Terry] Strettle to Witness 383's mother regarding Witness 383's absences from school. Notes reports dated July 1985 concerning Witness 383's tiredness, appearance, absences, and disinterest in his schoolwork. Refers to incident dated October 1985 involving Witness 383 and two other boys. Continues to refer to Witness 383's appearance, hygiene, and demeanour. Notes an incident report by Mr Capey to [Director of Education] Mr [John] Rodhouse. Refers to the interview of Witness 383's mother by Mr Williams, Head of Upper School of D'Hautree School. Provides concerns regarding Witness 383's health. Refers to recent work experience undertaken by Witness 383 involving film. Refers to Witness 383's previous hobby of music.


Children's Services
D'Hautree School
St Martin's School
Capey, Mr (Headmaster)
Rodhouse, John
Strettle, Terry
Smith, C A
Snowdon, M
Williams, Mr
Wherry, Mr


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