Digital copy of Documents relating to the admission of Witness 385's siblings to the care of the Education Committee. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 385's family. For Witness 385's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/39.

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1972 - 1973

Scope and Content

1. Forms of application for admission of Witness 385's siblings to the Care of the Education Committee. Signed by Jim Thomson, Senior Child Care Officer, 1973. Provides details about Witness 385's siblings, including years and place of birth, religion and baptisms in infancy. Mother's confinement cited as reason for admission. Includes dates of previous placements in care at Brig-y-Don for two of the children. Includes details about the mother, including place of birth and year of marriage. Provides medical details about children, including vaccinations and innoculations given. Names Dr Mason of Surgery, Grosvenor Street as the family doctor. Refers to initial placement of the children at Brig-y-Don. 2. Assessment Form dated 1973 relating to the total family income. Provides details of the husband's weekly wage and amount of Family Allowance received. 3. Agreement Form for Parents contributions for children in the Care of the Education Committee dated 1973. Signed by a parent. Witnessed by A Skinner [Child Care Officer]. Agrees to pay the States of Jersey a weekly amount for Witness 385's siblings. 4. Parents Consent Forms for medical treatment for Witness 385's siblings upon admission to the Care of the [Education] Committee dated 1973. Signed by a parent. Witnessed by A Skinner [Child Care Officer]. Agrees to [Witness 385's siblings] being vaccinated or immunised and to them receiving dental, medical or surgical treatment while in the Care of the [Education] Committee. 5. Case Notes about Witness 385's family by A S [Anton Skinner, Child Care Officer]. Refers to visit to see [Witness 385's mother] to ascertain the situation with respect to her pregnancy. Refers to arrangements for the admisison of the children to Brig-y-Don. Refers to being informed by [Witness 385's mother] that she was to be admitted into the Maternity Ward, outlining arrangements for the children to be to be taken to Brig-y-Don on the morning of her admission. Refers to [Witness 385's mother] accompanying Mr Skinner to Brig-y-Don Children's Home for the admission of [Witness 385's siblings]. Notes that [Witness 385's mother] was admitted to the Maternity Hospital. Refers to the children being allowed to stay an extra week at Brig-y-Don after the birth to allow [Witness 385's mother] to settle in her home and arrange newly acquired furniture. 6. New Referral Form dated 1973 relating to Witness 385's family. Signed by B Chappell, Child Care Officer. States that the family were referred by Mrs Ford, Health Visitor. Provides brief details of the enquiry, noting that the mother is expecting a baby and has asked if the children can be received into Care due to father working long hours and would be unable to cope. Refers to the family being known to Miss Case. 7. Letter dated 1973 from the Children's Officer to [Witness 385's parents] concerning parental contributions. Refers to arrears in parental contributions incurred when the children were in the care of the Education Committee, asking that arrangements be made to clear the debt. Names Mr Mogg as the point of contact at the Children's Office. 8. Case Note about [Witness 385's mother] dated 1972 by W F C [W F Case], Senior Child Care Officer. Refers to [the mother] visiting Mr Harman at the [Children's] Office to inform him of her intentions to get an aborton, noting lack of arrangements made by her. Notes suggestion by Mr Harman that she should think about the situation and contact with the medical profession made if needed. Refers to discussion between Mrs Ford, Health Visitor and [the mother] regarding the matter and subsequent decision by [the mother] that she no longer intended to get an abortion.


Case, W F
Chappell, Brenda
Ford, Mrs
Harman, Mr
Mason, Dr
Mogg, M J
Skinner, Anton
Smith, Charles
Thomson, Jim
Children's Services
Education Committee
Education Committee (Children's Section)
Maternity Hospital


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