Digital copy of Exhibit 2: Report for the Children's Office on Witness 389 by Child Care Assistant S Hutchinson. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 389. For Witness 389's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police and the Inquiry, as well as an excerpt from the transcript of MA [Michael Aubin's] interview with States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/41.

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August 10th 1977 - August 10th 1977

Scope and Content

Refers to the involvement of the Children's Department in Witness 389's case during March 1976, following Witness 389's mother's application for Witness 389 to join her in Jersey. Refers to Witness 389's arrival in Jersey following Children's Services carrying out their usual vetting procedures. Refers to the Children's Department becoming involved in Witness 389's case during January 1977 when Witness 389's mother was admitted to the [Jersey] General Hospital and requested that alternative arrangements be made for the care of Witness 389. Refers to Witness 389's residence at his mother's house, mentioning the employment of other individuals in his family. Provides details of Witness 389 and his mother's history, mentioning Witness 389's father. Details Witness 389's placement at Clos de Roncier Family Group Home from 18 January 1977. Refers to the death of Witness 389's foster mother at Clos de Roncier Family Group Home, and the death of Witness 389's mother at Overdale Hospital. Details second placement of Witness 389 in a foster home in St Helier with an individual who had been employed at Clos de Roncier Family Group Home during Witness 389's residency. Refers to discussions with the Aliens Department regarding Witness 389's future, mentioning complications arising from the circumstances of Witness 389's birth, and attempts to trace Witness 389's natural father. Refers to Witness 389's care by his maternal grandmother prior to his arrival in Jersey. Notes Witness 389's grandmother's age and ill health. Details level of responsibility felt by Witness 389's relatives, referring to the Aliens Department, and financial contributions to Witness 389's care. Describes Witness 389's demeanour and personality, noting his need for stability in a stable home due to the deaths of his mother and foster mother. Refers to meeting dated 29 July 1977 at the Aliens Department regarding Witness 289's future. Refers to the attendance of S Hutchinson, Senior Child Care Officer Mr [Anton] Skinner, and Mr Huelin and Mr Journeaux of the Aliens Department. Comments on the precedent set by Witness 389's case, mentioning the Defence Committee, third country Nationals, immigration policy, and Chief Immigration Officer Mr Le Brun. Refers to a written request to be made by the Education Committee or Children's Sub-Committee recommending that Witness 389 be allowed to remain in Jersey for the foreseeable future. Notes that the Children's Section supports the request to allow Witness 389 to remain in Jersey, noting the intention to obtain a Parental Rights Order in respect of Witness 389 should the request be successful. [For a copy of this Report for the Children's Office on Witness 389 with differing levels of redaction, see C/D/AW1/A3/6/2/49/WD002750].


Aliens Department
Children's Services
Children's Department
Children's Office
Clos de Roncier Family Group Home
Children's Sub-Committee
Defence Committee
Education Committee (Children's Section)
Jersey General Hospital
Overdale Hospital
Hutchinson, S
Huelin, Mr
Journeaux, Mr
Skinner, Anton
Le Brun, Mr


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