Digital copy of a Report for Haut de la Garenne on Witness 392 by Child Care Officer R [Richard] Davenport, Children's Office. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 392. For Witness 392's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/43/WD000395B.

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April 15th 1980 - April 15th 1980

Scope and Content

Provides details regarding Witness 392's education at Les Quennevais School, and her admission to Haut de la Garenne dated 26 March 1980. Provides details of Witness 392's father, mother, and siblings. Refers to the Children's Department's involvement with Witness 392's family dating from April 1977. Refers to [Witness 392's parents'] separation, and Witness 392's father leaving the family home to live and marry a woman. Notes allegation from Witness 392's father's wife regarding difficulties within the family. Refers to behavioural problems, and an impression that malice rather than concern motivated Witness 392's father's wife's report to Children's Services. Describes Witness 392's mother's wish for Witness 392's father to take more responsibility for their children. Describes Witness 392's home conditions, noting Witness 392's weight. Refers to Witness 392's brother's behaviour in relation to his mother and his father's desertion. Notes Witness 392 did not relate well to voluntary supervision. Details referral from Les Quennevais School regarding Witness 392's unhappiness at school. Refers to the level of contact between Witness 392 and her father, mentioning Witness 392's manipulation of her father, and relationship with her father's new girlfriend. Describes Witness 392's behaviour, noting aggression towards her mother and her response to losing money, presents, and privileges from her father. Refers to a divorce dated August 1979, and the custody of Witness 392 and her brother to the care of [one of their parents]. Notes Witness 392's resentment of the custody order, and her behaviour towards others, referencing Richard Davenport's role as peacemaker. Details Witness 392's contact with her father. Refers to a marriage dated 1979, and subsequent deterioration of Witness 392's behaviour leading to her becoming beyond her mother's control, and her placement at Haut de la Garenne from 26 March 1980. Refers to Witness 392 staying out overnight without the permission of her mother, and questions regarding her whereabouts. Details the involvement in States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police in Witness 392's case, and Witness 392's abscondence from Les Quennevais School. Notes Witness 392's examination by the Police Doctor prior to her admission into Care in relation to suspected sexual activity. Suggests that Witness 392 remain in Care for a short period, noting changes in Witness 392's perception of her home circumstances, and Witness 392's mother's difficulty in being separated from her daughter.


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