Digital copy of Extracts from minutes of a meeting of the [Education Committee] Children's Sub Committee. [Some details redacted].

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January 29th 1970 - January 29th 1970

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8. Residential Staff Courses. Names [Children's Officer] Miss [Patricia] Thornton. Refers to the Sub-Committee's consideration of the recommendation that Haut de la Garenne residential staff should be granted a leave of absence with full salary for the purpose of attending courses for inital training. Notes that each application should be considered on its merits depending on the length of time the applicant has been in service and the number of applicants applying each year. Refers to a previous policy accepted for Junior Training Centre staff for long-term initial training courses, and the notion that staff should be required to resign their appointments and apply for grants in accordance with the terms of the Committee's scheme of grants for further education; agrees that this previous policy should also apply to staff at Haut de la Garenne. Details consideration and refusal relating to the suggestion that the Haut de la Garenne Superintendent or any other trained member of staff should be granted secondment on full salary to undertake supplementary courses of training on the same terms as teachers employed by the [Education Committee]. Details agreement to grant a leave of absence on full salary to staff undertaking short refresher week courses of up to a maximum of three weeks. 9. Children and Young Persons Act. Refers to a memorandum dated 20 November 1969 from the Greffier of the States, forwarding a memorandum from the Bailiff regarding the registry of the Children and Young Persons Act 1969 in Jersey. Details concerns from the Prison Governor and Prison Board in relation to the provision for Young Offenders, mentioning Local Authority Community Homes, Borstals, and Approved Schools. Defers decision regarding the registry of the Act in Jersey, pending a discussion with the Prison Board. 10. Institute of Further Education. Approves Minutes of the Meeting of the Institute of Further Education Sub-Committee dated 28 November 1969. Refers to a retirement, and a successor to the role of Organiser of Further Education.


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Education Committee (Children's Section)
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Haut de la Garenne
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Thornton, Patricia


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