Digital copy of Witness 125's Application Form and Supporting Documentation to the Historic Abuse Redress Scheme. [Some details redacted].

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November 28th 2011 - December 15th 2012

Scope and Content

Application Form Personal details: Includes place and year of birth. [Please note that Page 2 of the Application Form was not deposited at Jersey Archive]. Abuse alleged to have taken place: Describes being physically abused between 1968 and 1984, referring to disclosures of physical abuse in the letter of claim [see below]. Describes being sexually abused by Jimmy Savile in the summer of 1976. Names Morag Jordan and Tony Jordan as perpetrators of abuse. Complaints of abuse: States to have been coerced by the Jordans not to say anything. Criminal proceedings: Confirms to have provided a statement to the States of Jersey Police as part of the historic abuse inquiry. States to have knowledge of the prosecution and conviction of Morag and Tony Jordan, stating to have not given evidence in respect of criminal proceedings. Previous civil proceedings: Refers to a Letter of Claim sent to Mourant Ozannes on 28 November 2011. [See below]. Declaration of truthfulness: Signed in the presence of Alan Collins on 20 April 2012 and 15 December 2012. Supporting Documentation to the Application Form: 1. Authority for access to Medical Practitioner Records dated 20 April 2012. Names Dr Venn of Cleveland Clinic as a past or present medical practitioner with whom he has been registered. 2. Letter of Claim dated 28 November 2011 from Verisona to Advocate B Lacey, Mourant Ozannes. Regards instruction by Witness 125 to claim compensation from the States of Jersey in respect of physical, emotional and sexual abuse suffered whilst in its care between circa 1972 and 1984. Notes that the States of Jersey was responsible for the management, control and administration of Haut de la Garenne. Includes a statutory backdrop outlining the common law duty of care owed by the States of Jersey to children in its care. Gives details of the sequence of events with respect to Witness 125, including year of birth, reception into the care of the States of Jersey in 1967 and placement in Haut de la Garenne in 1972. Sets out the duty of care and vicarious duties owed to Witness 125 by the States of Jersey with respect to Witness 125's welfare, protection, education, safety, medical treatment, protection from abuse. Includes complaints of abuse, providing context of Witness 125 being of low intelligence. Refers to physical abuse by Tony Jordan, placement in a detention cell and caning by Mr Jordan or Mr Thompson [Jim Thomson] as punishment for bedwetting, subjection to excessive force by Tony Jordan including occasion of sustaining a serious arm injury that necessitated medical treatment, two occasions of sexual assault by Tony Jordan, physical abuse by Morga Jordan as punishment for bedwetting and sexual assault by Morag Jordan. Sets out grounds upon which the States of Jersey was in breach of or negligent in its duty of care to Witness 125. Give details of injury loss and damage, referring to a psychiatric report from Professor Anthony Maden. Sets out limitations and requests disclosure of all records relating to Witness 125 and all records relating to Haut de la Garenne. Also comments on issue of insurance, desire by Witness 125 to give evidence at a public enquiry and Witness 125's not wanting to become involved in litigation process, mentioning distress caused by criminal investigation.


Collins, Alan
Jordan, Anthony
Jordan, Morag
Lacey, Beverley, Advocate
Maden, Anthony, Professor
Savile, Jimmy
Thomson, Jim
Venn, Philippa, Dr
Children's Services
Cleveland Clinic
Haut de la Garenne
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Jersey Home for Boys
Lacey Advocates
Mourant Ozannes
Pannone Solicitors
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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