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Island of Jersey and Great Western Railway Channel Islands Service Travel Permits issued to passengers travelling from Weymouth on the 18th of May 1919

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May 18th 1919 - May 18th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Great Western Railway
SS Ibex
Allix, Elsie Margaret
Anderson, Frank Louis
Arnette, Louise
Arthur, Reginald John
Asplet, George
Attwood, William Alfred
Bampton, Harold Henry
Barbett, Lilian Clarisse
Bates, Alfred
Baudet, Julien
Baxter, James
Bellingham, Alan Beck
Bichard, Desiree Hortense
Bichard, Florence Desirée
Binnington, Esther Lucy
Binnington, Richard
Binnington, William Horace
Bird, Arthur Cyril
Blampied, Edmund
Blampied, Marion
Blampied, Reginald John
Blatherwick, Ernest Frank
Bond, James Richard
Bontems, Oliver James
Brandon, Leonard
Brocket, Arthur Frank
Brockhurst, Charles Henry
Brooks, Charles Mason
Brolles, Richard
Buhot, Peter
Bull, William John
Burl, Nora
Burt, Ada
Burt, George
Burt, Mary
Burt, Richard
Corneic, Francine
Carter, A E
Carter, Dorothy Annie
Carter, Grace A
Cave, Kathleen Emma Elizabeth
Chevalier, Yves
Clark, Frank
La Cloche, Charles Edward
Clothier, Gertrude Eleanore
de Coudenhove, Raoul
Le Couteur, Elizabeth
Cox, Edward
Cox, Richard
Le Cras, Frank
Crawley, Charles Lambert
Creurer, Francois
Le Cronier, Cornelia
Le Cronier, Doris
Le Cronier, Hardwick
Cryer, John Richard
Cudlipp, Florence Jane
Dalwood, Herbert Wadham
Daniel, Anita
Le Dantec, Louis
Dennis, Arnold
Devenay, William
Dignam, Ethel Beatrice
Dignam, Humphrey Percy
Du Feu, Hedley
Canadian Expeditionary Force
Dumbreck, James Craig
Durand, Gerome
Falla, Frederick
Falla, Lizzie
Falle, Hilda Beatrice
Falle, Theodore de Carteret
Royal Irish Fusiliers
Le Faudeur, François
Fergusson, Frederick William Temple
Le Feuvre, William Cecil
Fleming, Alexander
Lloyd, Frederick Samuel
Frost, Ivor Henry
Furley, Walter William
Le Gallez, Gladys Irene
Gillingham, Nicholas Henry
Godeaux, Myra
Goodband, Millicent Alice
Gray, Frederick George
Grey, Henry Haward
Le Gros, John Reginald
Guyomard, François
Hackett, Evelyn Mary Wynne
Hackett, R I O
Hacquoil, Walter John
Hallett, Alfred Snow
Halligan-Jolly, Millicent
Hambly, William Henry
Harris, Andrew
Harris, Bertha Ethel
Harvey, Peter
Hansell, Ada Mary
Hassell, Frederick
Hassell, Harold Clarence James
Hassell, Jessie Charlotte
De La Haye, Herbert
Hepburn, Henry


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