Digital copy of a Re-assessment of Parental Contributions in Respect of Witness 30 and one of his brothers. Signed by Children's Officer Terry Strettle. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 30.

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June 18th 1984 - June 18th 1984

Scope and Content

Provides details of Witness 30's family, mentioning parents, father's employment, and siblings. Refers to one of Witness 30's brothers attending D'Hautree School, and his current placement in care. Refers to Witness 30's attendance at Grainville School, mentioning voluntary care. Describes Witness 30's family, mentioning the involvement of Schools, Police, Children's Office, and Health Visitors in their case, as well as approaches made by Witness 30's extended family with regards to their care. Details improvement noted in Witness 30 and his brother's appearance, performance and attitude at school at times when the brothers have been in Care, comparing their conduct to when they have been in the care of their parents. Notes that the Children's Office have not been able to justify proceedings that would secure a Court Order in respect of the brothers. Refers to a non-legally binding 'casework contract' was entered into between the Children's Office and Witness 30's parents. States that the major factor involved in Witness 30 and his brother being withdrawn from Care by their parents is due to the financial implications involved in a Parental Contribution of £9.00 per week per child, constituting 28% of Witness 30's father's wages. Refers to the Petty Debts Court, and an arrest on Witness 30's father's wages.


Children's Office
D'Hautree School
Education Committee
Grainville School
Haut de la Garenne
Petty Debts Court
Strettle, Terry


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