Digital copy of a Letter from a D'Hautree School teacher to the [Child Care Officer] Mr [Hal] Coomer. Includes handwritten notes concerning Witness 30 and his family. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 30.

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October 29th 1985 - October 29th 1985

Scope and Content

1. Refers to Witness 30's presence for a few days, and the absence of another individual. Contains the name of D'Hautree School Headmaster J M Capey. 2. Refers to instances on which Witness 30 and his brother would phone the individual requesting his presence at the family home, describing the situation he often found upon arriving at the home. Mentions threats of violence within the family. Refers to Witness 30's mother, the Children's Office, Child Care Officer [Hal] Coomer and [Senior Child Care Officer] [Anton]] Skinner. Refers to Witness 30 and his brother being taken into Care, and mentions that both had previously phoned the individual. Refers to Witness 30 and his brother visiting their mother. Refers to Witness 30's visits home to spend time with his mother and other children, mentioning instances where Witness 30 was asked to return home permenantly due to his education at school nearing an end. Refers to a recent weekend visit by Witness 30 during which he was instructed to leave by his father, noting that Witness 30 was physically assaulted as a result. Notes that Witness 30 did not respond with physical force, and instead went to bed. Refers to Witness 30's brother now attending Hautlieu School. Refers to Witness 30's brother absconding from school, and mentions Haut de la Garenne. Notes concern for Witness 30's brother's mental health, mentioning suicide and mental cruelty. Recalls a visit to the family some years before with his mother, and discovering Witness 30 and his brother at home alone. Comments on Witness 30's mother's mental health. Criticises Witness 30's parents' parenting ability.


Children's Services
D'Hautree School
Haut de la Garenne
Capey, Mr J M (Headmaster)
Coomer, Hal
Skinner, Anton
Strettle, Terry


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