Digital copy of Correspondence and Reports concerning Witness 30 and his family. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 30.

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October 25th 1985 - November 22nd 1985

Scope and Content

1. Memorandum from Child Care Officer H Coomer to Children's Officer T W Strettle dated 25 October 1985. Details contact with Grainville School teacher Mr [P] Stratton regarding a Case Conference to be held on 7 November 1985, mentioning [Senior Child Care Officer] [Jim] Thomson, and Health Visitors. Refers to Hautlieu School member of staff Mrs Bunting, as well as staff from Haut de la Garenne and Grainville School. Refers to Witness 30's tutors from the current and previous year. Suggests that copies of the Case Review on Witness 30's family, as compiled for the Attorney General, be provided to those attending the Case Conference. Aims to provide additional documentation to the Attorney General, mentioning a total case history regarding Witness 30's family, mentioning comments from Health Visitors, the CPU [Child Psychiatric Unit, [P] Stratton, Police, and others. 2. Letter from Children's Officer T W Strettle to States of Jersey Police Chief Officer Mr D Parkinson dated 25 October 1985. Relates to Witness 30's family, providing details of the family's address, and Witness 30's father and mother. Notes concern in the community, in the [Children's] Office, and in wider authorities concerning Witness 30 and his siblings' welfare. Mentions offences, and domestic incidents in the family home. Suggests that the family's case should be put before the Attorney General regarding permission to secure the children into the Care of the Education Committee. Requests copies of relevant Police reports in order to support the application to the Attorney General. 3. Case History and Review on Witness 30's family. Signed by Child Care Officer H [Hal] Coomer. Dated 25 October 1985. Provides details of Witness 30, his mother, his father, and his siblings. Outlines history of the family, referring to poverty and instablity, and the birth of the children. Provides a description of Witness 30's parents, mentioning personality, behaviour, and alcoholism. Notes Witness 30's father's violent and abusive nature when having consumed alcohol. Details violent and abusive behaviour by Witness 30's parents. Notes difficulty for Witness 30's mother to control the children. Details the family's living arrangements, noting housing conditions, behaviour, and debt. Refers to Witness 30's father's employment, and occasions where the children do not receive adequate food. Refers to Witness 30 and his siblings' poor record of school attendance. Notes that when Witness 30 and his siblings are in Care, their school attendance is much improved, as well as their appearance and attitude. Notes difficulty retaining Witness 30 and his siblings in Care on a voluntary basis, owing to the parents' wish for their children to return home, or the children's wish to return to their parents. Refers to the family's poor diet, and resulting health issues. Details difficulties in Witness 30's parents' marriage, mentioning Advocates, alcoholism, and suspected infidelity. Notes the children's concern to retain links with their home and parents on occasions when they have been admitted into Care. Notes the importance to all in the family of the children returning home at weekends and during holidays, mentioning Witness 30's desire for freedom from control and restraint. Details incident in which Witness 30's brother used money given to him for himself and Witness 30 to instead pay off debt owed by the family, and provide for the household. Refers to an incident in which Witness 30 made a false collection with an individual previously involved in minor shoplifting. Details concern from Witness 30's father and [Hal] Coomer that if Witness 30 and his siblings were taken into Care, Witness 30's mother might commit suicide. Notes concern for the youngest children in such a situation. Refers to Witness 30's mother's ill health, and delays in re-housing the family in a more appropriate property. For another copy of this Case History and Review on Witness 30's family, see C/D/AW1/A3/6/2/6/WD004433. 4. Memorandum from Senior Child Care Officer A J Skinner to SCCO [Senior Child Care Officer] J H [Jim] Thomson, and CO [Children's Officer] T W Strettle and CCO [Child Care Officer] H Coomer dated 31 October 1985. Refers to a report by [Hal[ Coomer summarising Witness 30's family's situation. Suggests that [Care] Orders could be obtained in respect of Witness 30 and his brother. 5. Letter from Children's Officer [T W Strettle] to Attorney General V [Vernon] Tomes dated 22 November 1985. Notes that the Care of Witness 30 and his siblings has caused concern over many years. Encloses information to be presented to the Royal Court in order to secure the admission of a number of children into the Care of the Education Committee. Refers to advice available from the Children's Office, mentioning [Senior Child Care Officer] Mr [Jim] Thomson and [Child Care Officer] Mr [Hal] Coomer. Adds that Witness 30 and his brother are already in Voluntary Care.


Attorney General
Bunting, Mrs
Children's Services
Children's Office
Grainville School
Hautlieu School
Haut de la Garenne
Probation and After Care Service
States of Jersey Police
Coomer, Hal
Parkinson, D, Chief Officer
Skinner, Anton
Strettle, Terry
Stratton, P
Thomson, Jim
Tomes, Vernon


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