Digital copy of a Report on Witness 80 by the Psychiatric Department of [Jersey] General Hospital. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 80's witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 21 July 2008 see C/D/AW1/B1/3/1/WS000453.

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April 23rd 2004 - April 23rd 2004

Scope and Content

Provides background information pertaining to Witness 80. 1. 1994. Refers to Witness 80's mental health, GP [General Practitioner] Dr J Le Gresley, CAT [Cognitive Analytic Therapy], alcoholism, status as a voluntary patient, Police, and discharges from health care services provided. 2. 1997. Comments on Witness 80's admission to [Jersey General] Hospital after attending A&E [Accident and Emergency], treatment, and discharge from hospital. 3. 1998. Refers to Chausey Art 4, and an admission lasting for 10 days. Refers to Witness 80's alcoholism and mental health, and thoughts from Dr D Piennar. 4. 2004. Notes interview with Duty Officer A Markland of Adult Social Services, mentioning grievances against a member of Les Chenes [Residential School] staff, CAB [Citizen's Advice Bureau], and Children's Services. Refers to allegations of physical abuse in Care, and witnessing the sexual abuse of a child in Care by a member of staff. Alludes to the effect Witness 80's experiences have had on his mental health. Refers to Witness 80's intention to take legal action against the Children's Department if other departments and organisations aided him. Refers to a meeting with [Educational Psychologist] Jim Hollywood, and GP [General Practitioner] Dr Stevens regarding Witness 80's mental distress. Details symptoms of Witness 80's mental distress, noting that none of the symptoms were evident to health staff during inpatient stays, or during subsequent contact with mental health services. Notes that Witness 80 may benefit from psychological intervention, and anger management. Notes Witness 80's assessment by Acute Mental Health Team Manager Chris Whiteley and another psychiatric social worker, at the psychiatric outpatient clinic in 2004. Notes that Witness 80 did not appear to have evidence of mental illness.


Acute Mental Health Team
Citizens Advice Bureau
Children's Services
Children's Department
Health and Social Services
Jersey General Hospital
Les Chênes Residential School
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
Hollywood, Jim
Le Gresley, J, Dr
Markland, A
Piennar, D, Dr
Stevens, Dr
Whiteley, Chris


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