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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 4th of May 1919

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May 4th 1919 - May 4th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
National School
Whitaker-Maitland, W W
Adderson, Thomas
Ralph, Walter
Poingdestre, Reg
Coombs, Percy
de la Cour, Reginald
Poingdestre, William
Riley, T
Etiemble, F
George, Charles H
Turpin, Philip
Truscott, E
Denize, William
Paskins, Thomas
Carter, Arthur
Poingdestre, Philip
Bates, A
Turpin, A P
Aldridge, Ruby Blanche
Allinson, Caroline Hannah
Amy, Louise Marguerite
Andrews, Edgar
Bailhache, Cecil Stanley
Bailhache, Gwladys Laura
Baker, Kathleen Victoria
Bamford, Elizabeth Mary
Bamford, Reginald John
Barter, George Wilfred
Beazeley, George Adam
Belfield, James H
Bentlif, Philip Graeme
Berryman, James
Bitot, Adolphus
Blampied, Reginald John
Bliault, John Sylvian
Bolton, Albert
Bolton, John
Bond, John
Bond, Ruby
Le Breton, Lena
Browne, Constance Emily
Butt, Alice Maud
Butt, Charles Kell
Callaghan, George
Callaghan, Kathleen
Campion, James Havelock
Carpenter, Edith Maud
Carpenter, Reginald
Churcher, Helen Gillard
Clark, Herbert John
La Cloche, George
Cochu, Louis Alfred
Le Coic, Casimir
Corbin, Frederick Eli
Corniere, Alfred
Cottle, Laura May
Cottle, Leonard
De La Cour, Sydney John
Cowan, Grace Catherine
Cowan, James
Crabtree, Bertha
Crawford, James Macdougall
de Ste Croix, Annie
De Ste Croix, Gertrude
De St Croix, Ivy
de St Croix, Mary
De Ste Croix, Nora Unice
Day, Eric Charles
Day, Prescott Stanley
Day Luce, Doris Maud
Day-Luce, Esther Jane
Dethan, Alice
Downing, Robert
Dubras, Charles Edmond
Edmunds, William
Edwards, John C J
Ellis, Ernest Izak Arundel
Fairlie, Graeme Ogilvy
de Faye, Louis
Fitzpatrick, John Lawrence
Fletcher, Joseph William
Le Gallais, Carlyle
Gallie, Albert N
Goodenough, Ernest
Gore, Dorothy Iris
Gore, James Casamaijor
Gosling, Thomas Henry William
Le Goubin, Alfred George
Gough, Thomas Harley
Gray, George
Green, Marjorie
Grisel, Auguste Victor
Gruchy, Alfred
Hall, Mary Ann
Hall, Robert William
Hamon, Walter Francis
Hardie, Robert
Hardwidge, Ernest George
Hardwidge, Louisa Victoria
Harris, Florence
Harvey, Hetty
Harvey, Lily
Henning, Salome Minnie
Le Heron, Edward Albert
Howard, Emily M
Le Huquet, Arthur
Jackson, Daisy Maud
Jeandron, Michael
Jevons, Thomas Albert
Johnson, Harry Lionel
Keegan, Ethel
King, Evelyn
Knibbs, Herbert
Labey, Beryl Avis
Le Lacheur, Elizabeth Eleanor


travel permits | immigration | Guernsey | soldiers | football matches | Sailors | nurses | commercial travellers | Weymouth | demobilisation


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