Digital copy of Statement by Witness 216's key worker at Heathfield Children's Home, provided to States of Jersey Police whilst under caution. Recorded by Detective Sergeant 98 James Adamson and [Woman Detective Constable] S Genée. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 216's witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 27 April 1991 see C/D/AW1/B1/3/2/WS000486.

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April 17th 1991 - April 17th 1991

Scope and Content

Details employment by the [Children's] Department at Heathfield [Children's Home]. Describes atmosphere at Heathfield upon his appointment, noting the behaviour of children who had previously resided at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to occasions on which his presence was required at Heathfield during night to support the staff on duty. Denies entering Witness 216's bedroom. Details decision to become Witness 216's key worker due to Witness 216's mental health, mentioning Witness 216's indication in 1988 that he had been sexually abused earlier in his life, and Witness 216's aversion to women due to his mother and female staff at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to Witness 216's bedroom arrangements whilst resident at Heathfield, mentioning a member of staff giving Witness 216 a key in later years. Recalls Witness 216 visiting the key worker at home for coffee, where the key worker's wife and son would occasionally be present. Notes Witness 216's help in moving furniture around the key worker's home. Refers to driving lessons with Witness 216, and locations visited. Recalls Witness 216 leaving Heathfield in early 1989 for his own flat, and the transfer of key work to another individual. Details concerns for Witness 216's health as a result of a disclosure during counselling. Refers to discussions with [Children's Officer] [Anton] Skinner regarding suspicions Witness 216 had suffered earlier sexual abuse. Details Witness 216's requests that his siblings be admitted to Care, and allegations of physical abuse of one of his brothers by another brother. Details visit to D'Hautree School to investigate allegations of physical abuse regarding Witness 216's brothers, accompanied by a Children's Child Care Officer [Child Care Officer], and subsequent visit to Witness 216's brothers' house by the [Child Care Officer]. Relays threat by Witness 216 to take the children away from [his mother]. Refers to Witness 216's anger, and threats made regarding the key worker and the [Child Care Officer]. Refers to having obtained the keys for Fliquet Tower. Refers to attitudes to Witness 216's [lifestyle], mentioning counselling, and opinions in the work place. Describes Witness 216's behaviour whilst at Heathfield. Refers to Witness 216's grandmother's concerns regarding the actions of Witness 216 and other boys in their bedroom. Refers to having asked Witness 216 if could sleep in [at Heathfield] for the first time on 13 March 1991, and assuring a member of staff that the key worker would check in during the late evening. Details incident in which a confrontation between Heathfield residents was stopped by Witness 216, leading to one resident being ordered to his room by Witness 216, and then restricted from the use of his computer and bicycle, both gifts from Witness 216. Notes allegations of inappropriate and excessive intervention by Witness 216. Details conversation with Witness 216 at Witness 216's flat, mentioning Witness 216's concerns for his brother and sister, and Witness 216's future at Heathfield and in the Children's Service. Refers to a meeting held at Heathfield to discuss the incident between the residents and Witness 216, and Witness 216's refusal to attend. Refers to meeting with [Children's Officer] Anton Skinner dated 4 April 1991 regarding allegations of sexual abuse made against the key worker by Witness 216, and Anton Skinner's wish to speak to Witness 216 before proceeding. Details contact with the key worker's wife and [Witness 216's mother], and further contact with Anton Skinner and the Police. Refers to allegations of sexual abuse concerning a previous Heathfield employee and a previous Heathfield resident, known to Witness 216. Comments on concerns an individual had searched the key worker and his wife's property. Refutes allegation that he has been bleeped (paged) by Witness 216.


Children's Services
Children's Department
D'Hautree School
Heathfield Children's Home
Manchester United
States of Jersey Police
Adamson, James
Genée, Sandra, Woman Detective Constable
Skinner, Anton


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