Digital copy of a Report submitted by Detective Sergeant Peter Barney concerning Roger Felix Louis Hatte being charged with having had unlawful sexual intercourse with Witness 752. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 752's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police dated 8 January 2004, see C/D/AW1/B1/3/4/WS000495.

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February 6th 2004 - February 6th 2004

Scope and Content

Names Roger Felix Louis Hatte as the accused, noting his residence at Le Squez and occupation as green keeper at Les Ormes Golf Club. Names Witness 752 as the victim, noting her residence at Heathfield Children's Home and listing her occupation as a student. Refers to Hatte appearing in the Magistrates Court on 19 January 2004 charged with having had unlawful sexual intercourse with Witness 752, a female under the age of 16. 1. Background Provides background details about Witness 752, referring to her residence at Heathfield Children's Home, attendance at Oakfield School, proximity of parental address to Hatte's home address and assessment of her vulnerability. Refers to previous reports of an unhealthy association between Hatte and Witness 752, stating opinion that Witness 752 had been groomed by Hatte over a period of 5 years. Refers to several incidents reported to the Police where Hatte is alleged to have committed offences against Witness 752, including rape and grave and criminal assault, noting lack of disclosure by Witness 752. 2. First Complaint Refers to Witness 752 disclosing to a member of staff at Heathfield Children's Home that she had been sexually abused by Hatte at Green Island on 30 December 2003, providing an account of the incident. Notes subsequent involvement of Anne Shine, Child Care Officer on 31 December 2003 and outlines Witness 752's account of the incident, including events immediately preceding and after the incident. 3. Further Evidence Records that the Children's Service contacted the Family Protection Team at Rouge Bouillon Police Station on 31 December 2003 informing that Witness 752 had disclosed to care workers at Heathfield that she had been raped. Notes that joint investigation commenced to get full disclosure from Witness 752 and a verbal account of the incident given by Witness 752 to Detective Constable Gillian Miller and Police Constable Laura Jacques. Notes at this stage Witness 752 disclosed that she had been sexually abused by Hatte on two previous occasions. Lists several items of clothing that Witness 752 was wearing at the time of the incident seized and lists several forensic exhibits seized during a forensic examination carried out by Dr Johnson, Force Medical Examiner in the presence of Detective Constable Miller and Police Constable Jacques. 4. Investigation Provides details of a subsequent investigation into the allegations, noting the arrest of Hatte on suspicion of rape on 31 December 2003. Refers to authorisation of Hatte's detention for the purpose of seizing clothing, conducting a medical examination and obtaining evidence by questioning. 5. Medical Examination of Hatte Details of a forensic medical examination of Hatte conducted by Dr Holmes, Force Medical Examiner. Refers to Hatte disclosing to Dr Holmes that he had had sexual intercourse with a young girl. Lists several forensic exhibits seized during the medical examination. 6. Interview of Hatte (1) Refers to Hatte being interviewed under caution by Detective Constable Hill and Detective Constable James Hughes on 31 December 2003. Provides details of comments made by Hatte during the interview, including his account of the incident and events of 30 December 2003, his association with Witness 752, and comments about numerous previous complaints to the Police having been made about Hatte. 7. Video Interview of Witness 752 Provides details of a video interview with Witness 752 conducted by Detective Constable Emma Coxhall, assisted by Child Care Officer Shine and monitored by Detective Constable Catherine Davison. Provides an overview of Witness 752's account of the incident with Hatte. 8. Statement of Witness 752 Refers to a statement from Witness 752 recorded by Detective Constable Miller on 8 January 2004, providing details of Witness 752's disclosure of multiple instances of having been sexual abused by Hatte. 9. Interview of Hatte (2) Refers to Hatte being re-arrested on 16 January 2004 on suspicion of rape and unlawful sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16. Notes that Hatte was interviewed under caution by Detective Constables Carter and Hill in the presence of Advocate Philip Syvret, providing details of the interview. Notes that Hatte was detained in custody and charged with the offence of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female over 13 years of age but under 16 years of age. Refers to Hatte reserving his pleas before the Magistrate's Court on 19 January 2004 and remanded in custody to the morning of 16 February 2004 for reports and statements. Lists exhibits sent to Chepstow for forensic examination and subsequent report detailing results of the forensic examinations. Includes comments about Witness 752's behaviour since the investigation, referring to a background report prepared by the Children's Service. Refers to an additional statement recorded from Witness 752 detailing background information regarding previous incidents involving Hatte, noting her unwillingness to make formal disclosures. 10. Forensic Evidence Provides details of a statement provided by Sarah Anne McDermott for the Forensic Science Service relating to forensic exhibits obtained from Witness 752 and Hatte. 11. Legal Considerations Notes that disclosures made by Hatte to the Force Medical Examiner Dr Holmes are discloseable. Outlines legal definition of rape and legal considerations regarding the offence of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female over 13 years of age but under 16 years of age. 12. Conclusion Outlines conclusions in respect of evidence regarding the charges of rape and of unlawful sexual intercourse. Notes opinion of Detective Sergeant Barney that the correct charge is that of unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl over 13 years old and under 16 years old, noting comments by Witness 752 and admissions made by Hatte to Dr Holmes. States that a guilty plea to this charge would avoid the need for Witness 752 to give evidence, stating this to be in her best interests.


Barney, Peter, Detective Sergeant
Carter, Brian, Detective Constable
Christmas, Ian
Coxshall, Emma, Detective Constable
Davison, Catherine Fiona, Detective Constable
Haines, Advocate
Hatte, Roger Felix Louis
Hill, David, Detective Constable
Holmes, Michael Bryan, Dr
Hughes, James, Detective Constable
Hutcheson, Mark, Detective Constable
Jacques, Laura, Police Constable
Johnson, M L, Dr
Loughlin, Keeley Patricia, Detective Constable
McDermott, Sarah Anne
Miller, Gillian, Detective Constable
Morris, Advocate
Shine, Anne
Syvret, Philip, Advocate
Benest and Syvret (Advocates and Solicitors)
Brook Centre
Children's Service
Crown Advocate
Family Protection Team
Forensic Science Service
Heathfield Children's Home
Le Rocquier School
Le Squez School
Les Ormes Golf Club
Magistrate's Court
Oakfield School
States of Jersey Police


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