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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Ibex on the 1st of June 1919

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June 1st 1919 - June 1st 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Alexander, Edmund
British Expeditionary Force
Royal Army Medical Corps
Allen, Charles William
Allen, Edward John James
Allen, Sarah Ann
Allix, Albert Edward
Anderson, Cecil Clarence
Appleton, Robert
Baldrey, Clarice
Balleine, Marie Elizabeth
Barette, John James
Bartram, Robert
Baudains, A F
Beer, Albert Edward
Bell, Joseph Michael
Bell, Leonora
Bellot, Wilfred
Berteau, Douglas William
Best, William Joseph
Blackwell, Victor
Le Boutillier, Elias Francis
Britnell, Frederick John Shaw
Royal Air Force
Brown, Charles Ernest William
Australian Imperial Force
Cardnell, Harry
Chambers, Colin
Clifton, May Elsie
Coddington, Herbert, Major
Cooper, Mortimer Warren
Coraum, Albert John
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
de Coudenhove, Marguerite
Coutanche, Mary Muriel
Cowey, Marion Florence
Cristin, Clarence Henry
Le Dain, Arthur Henry
Dobson, Martha
Dodd, Edmund
Royal Navy
Donnelly, Ann
Durrington, Percival
Dunham, Winnie
Dunn, Maria
Echlin, Dorothy Blanche
Ennis, Louis Reginald
Eve, Charles John
Ferchal, Gilbert Victor
Le Feuvre, Francis
Fitz-Gibbon, Maurice Desmond
Forrest, Hugh Eric
Foster, Elsie
Gallichan, Ed John
Gallichan, Herbert William Bowles
Gillman, Caroline
Goodearl, Henry William
Le Gros, Henry
Grisold, Emmie
Le Guillou, Yves Batiste Marie
Hacker, Jessie
Harben, Clarence George
Hardman, John William
Hardy, John
HMS Undine
Harrington, Amelia
Haywood, Agnes Beatrice
Henderson, Frank
Hill, Arthur George
Hinchliffe, Maria
Hinchliffe, Richard
Hobin, Archibald
Hutchings, Sarah Ann
Hutchings, Thomas Philip
Hutchins, Violet Amy
Jackson, Frank George
Jenkins, Emily
Jenkins, Samuel
Johnson, George
Journeaux, J
HMS Ursa
Keen, Bertrand
Royal Garrison Artillery
Kemp, Walter Robert
Laffoley, John
Laurens, Isabella
Lees, Arthur Patrick
Leslie, George
Lovett, Temple Raymond
Maitland, William Whitaker
Manning, Hubert Selwyn
Meheut, Marcel
Marsh, Reginald
Marshall, Albert Walter
Maryan, Edward Henry
Matthews, L
Mollett, Elsie Margaret
Morhet, Jean
Morris, Harry
Le Mottie, Anna Maria
Moult, Arthur Philip
Le Mouton, Arthur William
Mutton, Herbert
Noel, Mary Elizabeth
Noel, Philip Winter
North, Arthur
North, Hebe Anna
Osment, William Edward
Pack, Clara Thirza
Pack, Henry William
Parker, Edward
Le Pavoux, Frank Vivian
Le Pavoux, John
Perks, Henry
Picot, Walter Philip
Pottinger, Katherine
Price, Beatrice
Reed, Edith
Rennison, Arthur
Renouf, Laurence
Richardson, John
Robinson, Hazel S
Robinson, Kate M
de Rue, Arthur Godfrey
Ryland, John Charles
Ryland, Mary Louise
Sansom, Stanley John
Saussey, Elsie Amy
Saussey, Emelie Jane
Le Sauvage, Ernest Percy
Sauvey, Charles George
Sharp, Frederick Bernard
Smithson, William Walling
Smorthwaite, Enid Annie
Smothwaite, Harold
Sones, Doris
Sones, Sydney Robert
Le Sueur, F
Le Sueur, Henry William
Sullivan, Stanley Turner
Tawney, Marguerite Baillie
Torpy, Harold
Touzel, Jane
Le Turgeon, J
Turner, George Charles
Van der Meer, Cornelis Johannis Laurentin
Vautier, Waverley Webb
Viccard, Archibald Charles
Ward, Artemus James
Warne, Olive Gertrude
Warren, Arthur Edwin
Warwick, Rosa
Weller, Rupert Charles
Williams, Bertha
Williams, Henry Crocker
Wilson-Haffenden, Edith Maud
Wilson-Haffenden, James


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