Digital copy of Minutes of a [Children's] Sub-Committee meeting. [Some details redacted]. Undated, c. 12 March 1975.

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March 12th 1975 - March 12th 1975

Scope and Content

[5.] Refers to a Children's Fête to be held at Haut de la Garenne. 6. Boarded Out allowance increase. Recommends an increase in boarding out rates with effect from 1 April 1975, following the last review of rates dated September 1973. 7. La Préférence Vegetarian Children's Home. Details concern over the number of childen in Care at La Préférence Children's Home, and the Children's Officer [C A Smith's] awareness regarding the situation. Refers to difficulties caused by inexperienced child care stff and the inability of the Governing Body of the Home to recruit trained staff who were also vegetarians. 8. Foster Parents Reunion. Refers to the annual Foster Parents reunion to be held at Highlands during May. 9. Date of next meeting. Refers to next [Children's] Sub-Committee meeting to be held on 16 April 1975 at Highlands.


Children's Sub-Committee
Education Committee
Haut de la Garenne
Highlands College
La Préférence Children's Home
La Préférence Vegetarian Children's Home
Smith, C A


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