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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 3rd of June 1919

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June 3rd 1919 - June 3rd 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Amy, Lydia
Astridge, Emily
Astridge, Henry William
Astridge, Leonard Parks
Astridge, Leonard
Astridge, Winnie
Bichard, Ellen
Black, Georgina
Buckley, Hannah
Butters, John Albert
Cain, Mabel Elizabeth
Cain, William Harold
Carre, Alfred
Le Chêne, Achille Henry
Le Chêne, Melanie Louise
Coombes, Georgina Mary
Coombes, Marjorie Ester
Coombes, Percival Charles
Coombes, Susannah May
Davis, Cecil Tudor
Davis, Cecilia Mary
Davis, Dorothy Cecil
Davis, Reginald Henry
Dunkley, Augustus
Dunkley, Ivy Elizabeth
Dunkley, Susan
Flannery, Ethel Maud
Garnett, Frances
Gavey, Hedley Francis
Gordon, Jeanne Madeleine
Grison, Emile
Gruchy, Charles
Royal Air Force
Gruchy, Ethel May
Hayward, Alfred Francis
Hayward, Ethel Blanche
Hines, Bernard Owen
Hudd, Mary
Jameson, Harry William
Johnson, Eric Stanley
Johnson, Henry Francis
Johnstone, Arthur Spener
Craze, William
Mansell, Adelina Mable
Mansell, Albert Clifford
Mansell, Mary
Martin, Annie
Martin, John Whitley
Martin, Doris May
Martin, Walter John
Mather, Benjamin Eady
Mather, Helen
Metcalf, Surrey Nicholas
Mills, Edith Jane
Neil, Elizabeth Julia
Neil, George Ingram
Roy, Miriam Fanny
Smithers, Herbert Campbell
Such, Amalie
Temple, Frank Walter
Temple, George Warren
Terry, Jessie Gertrude
Tew, Katherine Mary
Thomson, Annie Dorothy
Thomson, Dorothy May
Thomson, Francis Haynes
Touzel, Beatrice May
Touzel, George
Touzel, Hilda
Valpy, Ada
Valpy, John Philip
Vaudin, Eveline
Whittles, Hannah Maria
Whittles, Ursula Stewart
Wingrave, Martha Ann
Wingrave, Sydney


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