Digital copy of a Residential Child Care Officer at La Préférence Children's Center's witness statement to States of Jersey Police. Recorded by DC [Detective Constable] Parker. [Some details redacted]. For transcripts of Witness 749's interviews with States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/4/7.

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March 11th 2004 - March 11th 2004

Scope and Content

Describes their employment with Health and Social Services as a Residential Child Care Officer at La Préférence Children's Center [Centre]. Details work at La Préférence on 26 January 2004. Refers to Witness 749's challenging behaviour. Notes return to La Préférence and overhearing an incident between a Social Services employee and two La Préférence residents, naming Witness 749 and another girl. Recalls witnessing Witness 749 shouting and swearing at the Social Services employee, and the Social Services employee escorting Witness 749 from the dining room. Notes that the Social Services employee was behind Witness 749, describing the action as 'frog-marching'. Refers to the Social Services employee's assertion that Witness 749 should not be disrupting the other resident from her work. Refers to the Social Services employee closing the living room door on Witness 749 before returning to the dining room. States belief that the Social Services employee was not handling the situation with Witness 749 satisfactorily. States that the Social Services employee's actions were not part of the training procedure provided to staff. Recalls visiting Witness 749 and another resident in the other resident's bedroom later that morning, where the Social Services employee was also present. Notes the Social Services employee's presence due to Witness 749 shouting. Recalls the Social Services employee requesting the Residential Child Care Officer leave him with Witness 749 and the other resident. Recalls discussion with the Social Services employee regarding his actions in relation to Witness 749, and his defence relating to the work of the other resident. Refers to record made in Witness 749's personal log regarding her behaviour and action taken by the Social Services employee. Recalls instructing Witness 749 to report such action (as by the Social Services employee) should an incident occur again. States that the Social Services employee used reasonable force.


Children's Services
Health and Social Services
La Préférence Children's Home
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
Parker, Detective Constable


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