Digital copy of a Crime Report concerning a common assault at Heathfield Children's Home. Names [a member of Heathfield staff as the victim]. [Some details redacted]. For transcripts of Witness 749's interviews with States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/4/7.

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January 9th 2004 - January 15th 2004

Scope and Content

Provides background information including date, time and location of the offence, and reporting of the offence to States of Jersey Police. Refers to Witness 749's abusive and threatening behaviour towards staff at Heathfield, and an assault of a member of staff by Witness 749. Refers to interview of Witness 749, and her denial of assault. States that Witness 749 will be charged on 12 January 2004, noting Witness 749's appearance in Court for a seperate assault on the staff member in question. Provides additional information regarding the offence and investigation by States of Jersey Police regarding the offence. Refers to Witness 749's return to Heathfield whilst drunk, and assaulting staff on the body and legs. Refers to Witness 749's difficulty in understanding fully that she is considered an offender, mentioning a care worker at Heathfield's attempts to explain the situation to Witness 749. Refers to PS [Police Sergeant] 112 Meachen. Describes Witness 749 as suspect identified, noting date of birth, address at Heathfield, gender, ethnicity, and age.


Children's Services
Heathfield Children's Home
States of Jersey Police
Meachen, Police Sergeant


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