Digital copy of Witness 145's witness statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences in care at Les Chênes Residential School. [Some details redacted].

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March 1st 2015 - March 1st 2015

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Refers to birth on Jersey, and difficult childhood due to his father’s alcoholism and abusive behaviour. Refers to his time living with his grandparents, and his return to the care of his parents [see Exhibit 3, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/3]. Details mental health difficulties following his return to the care of his parents, mentioning suicidal thoughts. Institutions Recalls education at Grouville School and Le Rocquier School. Refers to brief placement at Brig-Y-Don [Children’s Home] due to Witness 145’s mother’s admission to hospital. Recalls fond memories of the woman running Brig-Y-Don. Details admission to a psychiatric unit [Child Psychiatric Unit] in March 1981 [see Exhibit 4, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/4], and subsequent transfer to Les Chênes Residential School in September 1981. Provides details regarding his arrival at Les Chênes, and placement in the secure cells for six weeks. Comments on the regime at Les Chênes, and criticises the punishments used by staff at Les Chênes. Refers to a female member of Les Chênes staff, the male member of Les Chênes staff, and Mario Lundy. Refers to a male member of Les Chênes staff who was often drunk on duty, and details pleasant memories of another male member of Les Chênes staff. Recalls the male member of Les Chênes staff who was often drunk on duty forcing a resident to eat food the resident was allergic to. Provides details of the Merit Award System in operation at Les Chênes through which residents would be rewarded with points for good behaviour, and would lose points for misbehaviour. Notes difficulty in attaining points due to his academic ability. Refers to privileges gained through the accumulation of points, such as periods of time at home and certificates. Notes that the Merit Award System did not reward effort, only success, and therefore the System did not act as a motivating tool for Witness 145 himself. Comments that neither Les Chênes staff or Social Services staff facilitated contact between Witness 145 and his family whilst Witness 145 was resident at Les Chênes, and that when returning from visits home, Les Chênes staff would not enquire as to how his visit had gone. Social Services Recalls the involvement of Social Services due to Witness 145’s physically abusive behaviour, but does not recall Social Services improving Witness 145’s situation. Recalls Social Services visiting Witness 145 at Grouville School due to Witness 145’s father causing Witness 145 to be burnt [see Exhibit 2, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/2]. Mentions interview with Police at the Police Station, and his transfer to the care of his grandparents. Comments on lack of support offered by Social Services upon Witness 145’s return to the care of his parents. Describes experiences of Child Care Officers Anton Skinner, John Coomer [Hal Coomer] and Dorothy Inglis. Notes inconsistencies between records made by Dorothy Inglis and recollections of other people known to Witness 145, such as a teacher [see Exhibit 3, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/3]. Notes that Children’s Services was referred to as the Welfare Department. Abuse and Consequences Details physical abuse by Witness 145’s father. Details physical abuse by a male member of Les Chênes staff, as well as Mario Lundy. Refers to Mario Lundy as the ‘Pinball Wizard’, mentioning Tommy, a film released in 1975 and watched by residents at Les Chênes. Refers to physical abuse at Les Chênes by members of staff, naming the member of staff often drinking on duty, Mario Lundy, and a male member of Les Chênes staff. Refers to details of abuse provided to States of Jersey Police in connection with their investigation into historic abuse [Operation Rectangle], see Exhibit 5, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/5]. Notes that residents did not discuss abuse at Les Chênes, mentioning infrequent visits by Child Care Officers, and Witness 145’s lack of contact with his own family. Recalls a resident report abuse to his family, and the resident being physically abused by a male member of Les Chênes staff and the male member of staff often drinking on duty after the resident’s parents raised their concerns. Details physical abuse by Mario Lundy after being recalled to Les Chênes after losing his job and appearing at a Parish Hall Enquiry. Events since leaving Care Left Les Chênes on 27 November 1984, referencing a contract regarding Witness 145’s behaviour [see Exhibit 6, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/6]. Recalls signing the contract in the presence of the [Officer in Charge] of Les Chênes. Refers to employment, and lack of support offered regarding Witness 145’s adjustment to life outside Les Chênes. Refers to loss of employment, and accusation of larceny by Witness 145’s father, leading to Witness 145’s appearance before a Parish Hall Enquiry. States innocence with regards to his father’s accusations. Returned to Les Chênes as a result of the accusations, due to having broken the terms of the contract signed regarding Witness 145’s behaviour. Left Les Chênes and moved to England, unbeknownst to Children’s Services [see Exhibit 7, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/7]. Refers to visits to his father, and residence with his Great Aunt. Notes Child Care Officer Dorothy Inglis’ wish for Witness 145 to be placed at Basil Lodge [Hostel] in Jersey. Refers to employment in England, and later return to Jersey. Refers to Dorothy Inglis passing personal information regarding Witness 145 to Social Worker Roy Valentine, who was also known to Witness 145. Recalls instance where Roy Valentine owed Witness 145, and subsequently threatened Witness 145 in relation to information about Witness 145’s childhood, and in relation to the care of Witness 145’s daughter. Notes that Dorothy Inglis and Roy Valentine lived together at St Aubin at the time Roy Valentine began working at Social Services. Discusses interaction with States of Jersey Police regarding their investigation into historic abuse [Operation Rectangle]. Notes anger of former Les Chênes residents following the Attorney General’s decision not to press charges against Mario Lundy or a male member of Les Chênes staff. Comments on interaction with a Police Officer named Jimmy who had previously been employed in Liverpool in relation to the Police investigation into the murder of Rhys Jones, and Jimmy’s decision to leave [Operation Rectangle] due to corruption. Discusses his application to the [Historic Abuse] Redress Scheme [see Exhibit 9, C/D/AW1/A3/9/3/WD004980/9]. Recalls meeting at the Royal Hotel, and an address by a member of the States of Jersey. Recalls meeting Lavelle Coleman Solicitor David Coleman, who wished to represent Witness 145 in applying for compensation. Notes that he did not feel well represented by David Coleman, mentioning a deal made between David Coleman and the States of Jersey without consulting Witness 145. Refers to declaration signed by applicants stating that, following a deal, applicants would not take any civil or criminal action against the States of Jersey or alleged abusers. Criticises the implementation of the [Historic Abuse] Redress Scheme as a form of sweeping the past under the carpet, and criticises the compensation received by Witness 145 himself, and others. Details meetings between previous [Les Chênes] residents at Jersey Arts Centre, describing frustration due to some people appearing to be fabricating instances of having witnessed abuse in order to secure compensation. Refers to interaction with the Inquiry in order to try and prevent reoccurrences of the types of treatment he experienced. Recalls encouraging other former Les Chênes residents to report their experiences so that residents might be able to secure justice for their treatment. Offers suggestions as to improvements to the care system in Jersey, mentioning vetting of Child Care Officers and criticising the promotions of Mario Lundy. Recommends that children’s homes should be improved so that children do not feel they are prisoners within the children’s homes, and that more action be taken with regards to the reasons for children being admitted to care. Comments on difficulties applying for jobs due to employers’ perceptions of Les Chênes. Comments on the effect of his experiences as a child in the care of the States of Jersey, mentioning his abilities as a father, and trust issues. Refers to previous drug and alcohol addiction, mentioning Alcoholics Anonymous. Refers to friends from school and from residential homes, and the effects on them of their experiences in care, mentioning drug and alcohol addictions, offences, and early deaths. States willingness to provide oral evidence to the Inquiry.


Alcoholics Anonymous Jersey
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Basil Lodge Hostel
Children's Services
Grouville School
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Jersey Arts Centre
Jersey General Hospital
Le Rocquier School
Lavelle Coleman Solicitors
Les Chênes Residential School
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
States of Jersey
Social Services
Tommy (film)
Coleman, David
Coomer, Hal
Inglis, Dorothy
Jones, Rhys
Lundy, Mario
Skinner, Anton
Valentine, Roy


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