Digital copy of Witness 622's handwritten witness statement providing an account of his experiences in care at Les Chênes Residential School. [Some details redacted]. Undated, c. 2015.

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2015 - 2015

Scope and Content

Institutions Details remand to Les Chênes Residential School in 1982 by the Juvenile Court and Royal Court after breaking and entering into properties. Refers to release from Les Chênes in 1985. Recalls initial placement in the Secure Suites at Les Chênes, and projected progression to other bedrooms at Les Chênes. Notes that progression to other rooms depended on behaviour, and describes the points system [Merit Award System] in operation at Les Chênes. Provides details of experiences with Les Chênes staff, mentioning one member of staff who did not like Witness 622 due to Witness 622’s previous offense, and a second member of staff who would regularly deduct points from Witness 622 and other residents. Refers to the second member of staff acting as a witness when the first member of staff or Mario Lundy caned a resident. Recalls caning following a wet paper tissue fight. Recalls caning after physically assaulting a resident for stealing Witness 622’s shoes, mentioning the first member of staff and the deduction of points by the second member of staff. Comments that the first member of staff let the resident keep Witness 622’s shoes as a further punishment. Refers to being pulled off his chair by the second member of staff after Witness 622 swung on his chair in the dining room, and comments on a similar incident occurring to another resident. Recalls staff forcing residents to eat the meals served to residents. Refers to caning of a resident by the first member of staff. Abuse and Consequences Details emotional and physical abuse of himself and other residents by staff at Les Chênes, naming Deputy Headmaster Mario Lundy and others. Recalls incident involving Witness 622 oversleeping, the second member of staff, physical assault, and physical assault by the first member of staff. Recalls incident involving Witness 622, Monopoly money, the apparent loss of £5 legal tender, the deduction of points by the second member of staff, and emotional and physical abuse by the first member of staff whilst witnessed by the second member of staff. Details physical abuse by Mario Lundy following an incident of self-harm by Witness 622 in the Art Room witnessed by another resident who reported Witness 622’s self-harm to Les Chênes staff. Events after Leaving Care Refers to suicide of two former Les Chênes residents. Provides permission for his statement to be made public if required.


Children's Services
Les Chênes Residential School
Juvenile Court
Monopoly (board game)
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey
Royal Court
Lundy, Mario


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